Celebrate these Fun September Holidays!

At Funcity Sk8 and Play, we’re big believers in fun. That’s why our facilities host a state-of-the-art skating floor, arcade, laser tag arena, and bounce house. And what could be more fun than celebrating America’s wackiest holidays with your friends? September isn’t just about Labor Day. It’s also the month of National Video Games Day, Defy Superstition Day, International Country Music Day, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and One Hit Wonder Day!

September Skating Holidays

Are you ready to celebrate these crazy, quirky holidays at Funcity Sk8? Don’t miss weekly and holiday skating at your favorite family entertainment center in Webster!

  • National Video Games Day (September 12th): We’re celebrating this one a little early. Our All Night Skate on September 6th has plenty of Labor Day fun, including a lots of video games! Dust the competition and play your favorite PS3 multiplayer games from dusk to dawn.
  • Defy Superstition Day (September 13th): Did you know that many hotels don’t have a thirteenth floor? Studies show that 85% of buildings with elevators skip, board up, or rename the 13th floor to avoid bad luck.
  • International Country Music Day (September 17th): We know you love it! Request your favorite country tunes during Funcity’s Matinee Skate on Thursday, September 17.
  • pirate flagInternational Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th): There do be no better holiday than International Talk Like a Pirate Day. We do suggest you scallawags show off yer fancy talkin’ skills at Saturday Skate and Laser Tag.
  • One Hit Wonder Day (September 25th): There’s no better place to celebrate One Hit Wonder Day than your favorite skating center! Request the best one hit wonders from every decade. Then rock it out as you roll around the skating floor.

Ready to have some fun? Check out our fall skating schedule at Funcity Sk8.

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Book a Back to School Field Trip

With the first day of school just around the corner, teachers have a lot to worry about: lesson plans, classroom decor, and getting to know each of their new students. Luckily for teachers and students, we have a great way to break the ice: a roller-skating field trip. Bond with your students, encourage new friendships, and even teach a lesson or two with a school trip to Funcity Sk8 and Play.

Field Trips at Funcity

back to school kidsKids need to get out of the classroom. Planning a school field trip to Funcity Sk8 and Play is an easy way to earn a reputation as “the cool teacher” — and sneak in some extra lessons on health, fitness, and the science of motion. So what’s a Funcity Sk8 field trip like?

  • 2 hours of private skating time
  • Clean, friendly, supervised atmosphere
  • State of the art skating floor
  • Skaters use rental skates or bring their own
  • Free skate instruction available
  • Engage in friendly competition like limbo, skate races, corners games, red light/green light, and more!
  • Teach kids about health and fitness
  • Play team building games with the kids
  • Fun arcade games
  • Concession stand open upon request
  • Ask about laser tag availability for kids 7 and older!

Field Trip Packages

Funcity Sk8 and Play offers 3 private field trip packages, which include 50, 100, or 150 students. Add time in our inflatable jump area to your outing for just $50. We also offer food packages to make lunch a breeze. For just $4 per skater, we’ll provide 2 slices of pizza and a 16oz drink for each child.

Call and book your back-to-school skating field trip today!

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Skating and Laser Tag Greek Events

texas a&m sororityAcross Houston uni life is slowly reawakening. After a lazy (okay, diligent) summer, students migrate back to their dorms for another year of community, classes, and campus life. Students from the University of Houston, Texas Southern, Rice University, and other Houston colleges need a way to reconnect with their brothers and sisters as they welcome new pledges. And what better way to reclaim the school than with a classic Greek life event?

Plan a Greek Life Event

After the madness of classes, rush, and finalizing the fall calendar, sororities and fraternities need a chance to bond with their sisters and brothers. Book a private Funcity Sk8 event for:

  • Recruitment
  • Big brother/big sister bonding
  • Sorority/fraternity partnership events
  • Philanthropy project fundraising
  • A day of play (and building brotherhood or sisterhood)
  • Private BYOB Events at Funcity Sk8

What’s a party without refreshments? Book an adult BYOB party at Funcity Sk8 and get 2 ½ hours of skating, skate rentals, a dedicated DJ, and a cop on standby for up to 50 skaters. Bring your own cake, alcohol, and selfie sticks. No glass containers or kegs are allowed. All skaters must be 18+ with proper ID and must sign a Hold Harmless Waiver before entering.

Private Skating Parties

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of BYOB? Book a private party at Funcity and enjoy fun events like retro roller-skating, tactical laser tag, and arcade games. Make it a costume party or team up, Bigs against Littles.

Fundraising Events

Raising funds for a local, community, or international cause? Play more, save more! Book a Thursday night fundraiser at Funcity. You set the entry price, give us $3 per admit (minimum of 100 skaters), and keep the rest! It’s all play, no work, and great rewards.

Ready to dive back into campus life? Book a Houston Greek event at Funcity Sk8.

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The More, The Merrier

Looking for a fun activity to keep kids active, celebrate a special event, or just blow off a little steam? Book a group roller-skating event at Funcity Sk8 and Play.

Kids Group Outings in Houston

Now kids can stay healthy, have a great time, and learn valuable life lessons. Book a school field trip for P.E., health class, or as a treat for students and enjoy 2 hours of private skating time, skate rentals, free skating lessons, access to the snack bar, and more. Teach kids about building trust, cardiovascular health, and how to play a great game of Red Light, Green Light. We also offer daycare rates with exclusive access to both roller-skating and the moonwalk area. Pick your package to include more play time, more kids, and more tasty snacks from our Cafe. We recommend calling ahead to guarantee a reservation.

Fundraising Skate Events

How can you make money without funneling it straight back into your fundraiser? Book a fundraising event at Funcity! Each fundraiser includes 2 hours of private skating time, a DJ, free admission for faculty, and supervision by our fun and friendly staff. So how does it work? You set the price, we take $3 per skater (minimum of 100 skaters), and your school or organization keeps the rest! We’ll even pick 5 kids to win free entry into our $Money Machine$ at the end of the party. Ready to start earning? Book your party today!

Corporate Team Building Venue

corporate zombiesKids aren’t the only ones who have a blast at Funcity Sk8. Dozens of businesses have discovered the benefits of a team building days at Funcity. Bring coworkers closer together with a day of roller-skating, laser tag, and arcade games. Indulge in friendly competition and play trust-based games like relay races. Studies show that fun corporate days increase productivity, strengthen bonds between employees, and revitalize passion for work. Want to make it even more fun? Invite families along for the ride!

Ready to play? Book a group skating event at Funcity Sk8 in Houston.

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Skate the Night Away

Ready for some mayhem that won’t get you grounded? Our semi-annual All Night Skate-Party rolls into Webster this Labor Day weekend. Experience thrilling games, hot competition, and 12 straight hours of roller-skating at this can’t miss Back to School event.

Skate All Night

labor day skate lock-inRock and roll just got a whole new meaning! We’re wrapping up summer with the party to end all parties: the Labor Day Weekend All Night Skate Party! For just $20 kids can eat, skate, play video games, and dance til dawn. This semi-annual party is always a smash hit. Not only is it parent-approved, it lets kids let loose one last time before the school year. Our skaters will rock out to their favorite top 40’s, roll around to retro skate jams, and wrap the rink without worrying about getting busted. The only question left? Who will have the most fun?!

End of Summer Event

What’s left on your summer bucket list? Check it off at the All Night Skate bash! We have tons of fun games, prizes, and summer fun for kids in Webster. Kick off the night with All You Can Eat Pizza from 7-8:30pm. Then make a splash at Funcity Sk8’s last summer bash. Experience:

  • Roller-skating
  • Tactical laser tag
  • All You Can Eat Pizza
  • Dance contests
  • PS3
  • Skate races
  • Wrap the Rink
  • Breakfast
  • and More!

Go wild this Labor Day weekend. Our facilities are safe, supervised, and saturated with summer fun. All you need to worry about is buying your ticket and having a great time! Tickets are on sale now. For more information, call Funcity Sk8 and Play in Webster, TX.

We’ll Bring the Party to You!

Why bring yourself to the party when we could bring the party to you? Funcity Sk8 and Play offers mobile laser tag for added convenience and fun. It’s perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, and school carnivals in Houston.

Get Your Gameface On

kids playing laser tagReady . . . aim . . . fire up the candles! Tactical laser tag brings people together for a day of play, allowing kids (and grown-up kids) to compete, bond, and bring their team glory. Our realistic weapons, intense tactical scenarios, and experienced team leaders immerse players in a world of live action missions and tactical team building. Mobile laser tag makes it easy for kids to celebrate with their classmates on school field days, for offices to host corporate days without spending a full day away from work, and for parents throw unbeatable birthday parties without ever leaving home. The mission starts now!

Crossfire Mobile Laser Tag

Our mobile laser tag rig includes everything you need for a full afternoon of war games. Play team advantage and free-for-all battle simulation games like Domination, Team Death Match, and Capture the Flag. Our $299.99 package includes:

  • 12 laser guns
  • 1 hour of play
  • An experienced gaming captain
  • 10 cover blinds for tactical play

Add-ons are available for extra guns, extra gear, extra play time, and extreme laser tag in our inflatable arena. Price will include an additional fuel charge for parties farther than 25 miles away.

Gear up! Play Crossfire your way with mobile laser tag in Houston. Call Funcity Sk8 and Play for more details.

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Kids Skate Free at Funcity!

A huge motivator for our business is the desire to watch kids stay active and have fun. We offer summer skate events, customizable birthday parties, and weekly fun skates to keep kids happy and healthy. But if you’re looking for family entertainment near Houston, there’s one program you can’t miss out on: Kids Skate Free!

Kids Skate Free

toddler skate lessonKids Skate Free is a national organization built on the idea that kids need a caring and stimulating environment where they can be themselves. The program encourages child fitness and wholesome entertainment by partnering with local skating rinks to provide free skating for kids across the country. This allows kids to build enthusiasm, stay active, and make new friends while doing an activity they love!

Free Skating at Funcity

Funcity is a proud partner of Kids Skate Free, which offers free admission to children 12 and younger at select skating sessions. So how does it work? Simply sign up, wait for our weekly coupon, and bring your kids to Funcity Sk8 for a day of play! We accept Kids Skate Free passes at our Thursday matinee, Friday matinee, and Friday 5-8pm session. Bring your own skates for totally free play or rent roller-skates for just $3.50. Passes exclude jumping, laser tag, and special events or birthday parties.

Ready to have fun on someone else’s dime? Sign up for Kids Skate Free coupons and your kids can skate on us! We also offer weekly coupons for adults and families. To learn more about discount roller-skating, contact Funcity Sk8 and Play.

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How to Make Skating Even More Fun!

It’s not a real party without a few skating games! Add some fun to your next birthday party, fundraiser, corporate outing, or camp day with a few classic roller-skating games at Funcity Sk8.

3 Great Skating Games

  1. stop lightRed Light/Green Light: How quickly can you stop your skates? Show off your freeze frame skills with a game of Red Light/Green Light on the skating floor. The DJ will announce when to stop, when to go, and who’s out each round. Everything else is up to you!
  2. Limbo: How low can you go? Roller-skate limbo has its ups and downs (trust us: skates make the game more fun!). Your wheels make sliding under the bar smooth sailing, but the extra inches provided by your skates make it harder than ever to stay balanced. Test out your flexibility, daring, and skill with everyone’s favorite party game!
  3. 4 Corners: Want to give the birthday kid a power trip? Put them in charge of their friends’ fates! In this classic kids game, areas of the rink are sectioned off and numbered. When the judge calls “go!”, the kids scatter into one of the numbered corners. With his or her eyes closed, the birthday kid will call a number, and everyone in that corner is eliminated. The fun doesn’t stop until there’s only one skater standing! Don’t worry if the birthday child wants to play, too. Our DJ is a pro at leading roller-skating party games.

Customize your celebration with birthday party packages, special add-ons, and party games at Funcity Sk8 and Play.

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3 Fun Things to Do at Funcity Sk8

With all the camps, community events, and family fun days that crop up during the summer, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. What venues will provide your family with a wholesome, active, hopefully-air-conditioned atmosphere to play? Where can you keep an eye on your kids without hovering? Where will parents have just as much fun as their children?

Funcity Sk8 offers inexpensive summer fun for families in Webster, TX. Whether you’re new to the area, overwhelmed by community programs, or simply looking for new ways to enjoy your favorite family entertainment center, we’re here to help. Take advantage of these 3 services offered by Funcity Sk8.

What to Do at Funcity Sk8

  1. crowded skating floorRoll into weekly skating. Our morning, matinee, and evening skate events stay constant all summer long, giving you a guaranteed great time at a price that’s just as good. Check out Tuesday and Thursday Dollar Nights, Tuesday-Friday matinee skating, and Friday Night Skate and Laser Tag.
  2. Plan a party. Birthday parties at Funcity Sk8 are fantastically fun and totally customizable. Start with your ideal party plan and spice it up with fun add-on games, birthday announcements, and party favors. Just can’t get enough? Ask about our private parties, which include up to 50 guests.
  3. Special events. Whether you like to light up the night at our semi-annual Glow Skate, or the Back to School Lock-in is more up your alley, your family is sure to find fun at our skate and laser tag facility. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to stay updated on future family fun skate events.

Want to learn more about the awesome opportunities at Funcity Sk8 and Play? Call and ask about summer skating, laser tag, moonwalks, and special events.

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The Road to Excellence

Funcity Sk8 keeps our skate rentals in tip top shape, clean and ready for each skating session. But what happens when you’re ready to take your skating to the next level? Learn everything you need to know about buying your own roller-skates in this handy guide.

Why Buy Your Own Skates?

  • Roller-Skating Field Trip.Custom Skates. If you’ve been skating for any amount of time, you know that different skates give you different performance levels. We’re not just talking about quad skates vs. inline skates. Skaters can buy speed skates, jam skates, and roller-skates with customized levels of maneuverability. If you’re ready to take your skating game to the next level, stop by our pro shop to learn about different boots, bearings, and wheels.
  • Comfort. In addition to saving money on weekly skate rentals, owning your own skates improves fit and comfort. As with any shoe, skating boots mold to your foot over time, giving you an edge over skaters who rent their wheels each week.
  • Style. If you’re putting money toward roller-skates, why not make a statement? We carry boots, laces, and wheels in a variety of colors and prints. Skating isn’t just about showing off your moves, but about showing off personal style, too.
  • Lessons. Did you know that when you sign up your child for skate lessons, skates are part of the package? If you’re concerned about your kid outgrowing his roller-skates, bundle it with lessons on safety, balance, and mobility. Your child will skate better, and you’ll feel better about spending the money on new wheels.

Want to learn more about buying roller-skates in Webster, TX? Ask the experts at Funcity Sk8 and Play.