Arcade/Stuff Shop

Whether you are wanting to be challenged or just want to have some fun, Funcity has a variety of current and old school arcade and redemption games to play. We have air hockey, driving games, shooting games, cyclones, colorama, coin pushers, candy and plush cranes, stackers, ice ball, and more.

Most games are between and 4 tokens. Some games dispense tickets while other are play just for the fun of it. Age is not a factor and all skill levels are welcome.

Check out our prize Stuff Shop filled with a variety of the latest trendy items and fun merchandise. Plush toys, light up gear, candy, inflatable characters, jewelry, hats, other fashion accessories, and popular items.

When shopping at the Stuff Shop you can either redeem tickets, use cash, or combine cash and tickets to get merchandise. Tickets are valued at a penny per ticket (example: 64 ticket = $0.64)Arcade1