Get in Shape. Roller-Skate!

girl lifting kettlebell at gymFor many folks in Houston, nothing is more daunting than gym day. Whether you roll out of bed at 6am to find your gym bag or swing by the gym after a long day at work, your energy drains away before you even step through the door. Fitness gurus advise people to find a fun activity to stay in shape, but with the sweltering heat of summer and the high cost of dance fitness classes, what are people to do?

Funcity Sk8 and Play helps you get in shape without the stress and sweat. Stop by any of our summer skating sessions for an activity that keeps you happy while you get healthy.

3 Tips for a Better Skating Workout

  1. Dress comfortably. Strapping on roller-skates doesn’t make it any less of a workout. Dress for an active afternoon with stretchy pants and a loose-fitting shirt. You’ll work twice as hard (and have twice as much fun).
  2. Bring a buddy. Whether you’re skating with your neighbor, your best friend, or your kids, having a fitness buddy around makes getting in shape a breeze. Pack the whole family into the car for Tuesday and Thursday DOLLAR NIGHT or coax your best friend out for Wednesday Afternoon Matinee.
  3. Find your inner kid. Do you wish you could exercise without feeling bored, achy, and exhausted? Remember what it was like to be a kid! Join into Funcity’s skate races and limbo competitions, learn some new skating tricks, and increase your cardio workout by weaving, bobbing, and squatting around the skating floor.

Want to learn more about roller-skating as fitness? Call Funcity Sk8 and Play to learn about fun fitness in Houston, TX.

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Save Big at Summer Dollar Night

The biggest night in Webster just got bigger! Parents don’t have to break the bank to show their kids a great time this summer. We don’t just have weekly matinee skates, special summer events, and customizable birthday parties. Get out of the heat and into the rink for $DOLLAR NIGHT$, every Tuesday and Thursday all summer long!

Save Big, Play Hard

little girl roller skatingIt’s hard to keep kids engaged with the outside world. With a million distractions on their phones (and kids getting phones at younger and younger ages), staying active is a foreign concept for some kids. Not surprising when you live in one of the hottest states in the USA. All we have to say is, “don’t sweat it!” Funcity Sk8 and Play has plenty of fun for kids near Houston. Your young’uns will love bouncing around the KidzPit bounce house while your teenagers get into a game of outdoor laser tag. Hang out with other parents at the Cafe or engage in some friendly family competition at the arcade. When everyone’s done doing their own thing, you can come together for a few hours of roller-skating on our state-of-the-art skating floor.

Summer Dollar Night

We know you love to save almost as much as you love to play. We’re making it easier to find cheap family fun in Webster, TX. Tuesday Dollar Nights are sharing the glory with Thursdays! Come by on Tuesday, Thursday, or both and get admission, pizza, drinks, and more for only $1 apiece. Even better? We’re extending the hours! Now you can roller-skate, play arcade games, and enjoy the cafe for an extra hour at no extra cost. We have DOLLAR DEALS every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-10pm.

Want to learn more about summer skating at Funcity? Give us a call or swing by our Webster family entertainment center.

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Learn to Skate at Funcity

Learning to roller-skate is one of the most thrilling experiences of a kid’s life. But for many kids, it’s as terrifying as their first time on a bike without training wheels. If you have a little one who’s shaky on their skates, have no fear! Funcity’s summer skate lessons teach Houston kids the skating fundamentals, from proper safety and balance to the best ways to have fun. Don’t wait to learn to skate!

Why Sign Up for Summer Skate Lessons?

  • roller-skating houstonGive your kids a fun activity to anticipate
  • Keep your little ones active and out of the heat
  • Give your youngest skaters renewed confidence on the skating floor
  • Teach your family to stay safe while they play
  • Brush up on the skating basics before a roller-skating birthday party
  • Let your kids learn a valuable skill and walk away with a brand new pair of roller-skates

Summer Skate Lessons in Houston

Funcity Sk8 and Play welcomes kids to the fun, relaxed atmosphere of our summer skate lessons. Each class is led by a skating pro, experienced in teaching kids to overcome their fears (and their desire to show off!) and learn how to roller-skate safely. Lessons will include personalized tips on how to stay balanced, stand still on skates, stop and go, adjust skating speed, play roller-skating games, and much more. Here’s what you need to know about summer skating courses:

  • Skate lessons take place on Sunday afternoons from 12:15-1pm
  • The $75 fee includes 4 skate lessons, free admission to Sunday afternoon sessions (KidzPit is extra), and a brand new pair of roller-skates (additional $15 fee for sizes 4 and up)
  • As long as there are kids who love skating, we’ll have another skate class on the horizon!
  • Sign up 2 weeks in advance to guarantee your spot

Stop worrying about your kids during crowded skating sessions. Sign them up for summer skate lessons and give them the skills needed to have a great (and safe!) time. For more information on Houston skate lessons, call Funcity Sk8.

Skate Your Way to a Healthier Workplace

The work blues can sneak up on people no matter how much they love their jobs. More and more companies counteract the negative effects of cubicle life by promoting employee fitness. And what better way to engage your office than with a day of play at Funcity Sk8?

Encouraging Employee Health

working man sleeping on benchMay is National Employee Health & Fitness Month, an event that educates leaders about the benefits of employee wellness and encourages companies to develop work health programs. Employees who eat well and stay active are more likely to live longer, live better, and work more productively. Studies show that:

  • Team fitness keeps employees more engaged in the office culture
  • Exercise improves moods and increases focus
  • Regular activity relieves stress
  • Physical fitness keeps employees healthier, reducing absenteeism and lowering employer healthcare costs

Health Benefits of Roller Skating

Not only is roller-skating a whole lot of fun, it’s excellent exercise, too. Roller-skating is a low-impact cardiovascular workout that improves heart health and helps build muscle. In just an hour of moderate roller skating, the average person can burn upwards of 350 calories. Think of the possibilities when you throw JAM skating, skating aerobics, and team building relay races into the mix! Roller-skating builds muscles in the legs, glutes, and core, giving your employees a well-rounded workout. Pump up your favorite tunes, add a few healthy snacks, and your team will become fitness gurus in no time!

Encourage your employees to live a healthier lifestyle. Book a corporate outing at Funcity Sk8 and Play.

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7 Reasons Kids Love All Night Skate

teens chatting on phonesIt’s been a long school year, but summer is almost here! That means another season of swimming, exploring, and fun-out-of-the-sun at your favorite Houston family entertainment center. Start off the summer with dusk to dawn fun at the annual All Night Skate Party at Funcity Sk8 and Play!

7 Reasons Kids Love Funcity Lock-ins

  1. Skate all night. The party doesn’t stop until you say it does! No more arguing with mom and dad when the clock strikes ten. Turn it up with your favorite top 40’s tunes and show off your best moves!
  2. Dance til dawn. Ready for something new? We’re putting the “rock” back in “rock n’ roll!” Strut your stuff in Funcity’s All Night Skate Party dance contest. We’ve got the beats, whether you love Jam Skating or using your own two feet.
  3. Hot competition. Battle it out in an epic midnight battle in the laser tag arena or push your speed to new limits in a Funcity skate race. We’ve even got your favorite gaming systems for X-box and PS3 duels. Let the best player emerge victorious!
  4. Prizes. What’s the point of winning if you don’t get a prize? When you come down from the thrill of victory, there’s more to come! Funcity Sk8 and Play has plenty of prizes to give away during our summer lock-in. Win snacks, candy, skating accessories, and more!
  5. Wrap the rink. Where can you T.P. someone’s place without getting in trouble? Funcity Sk8! Don’t go to sleep before we break out the toilet paper and get rolling. Wrap the rink is a time honored tradition you won’t find anywhere else in town!
  6. All you can eat. Who can say no to late night pizza? Eat your fill of hot, cheesy goodness from 7-8:30pm. Still hungry? Enjoy drinks, snacks, and Funcity’s complimentary breakfast!
  7. Get the rink to yourself. Funcity Sk8 and Play is closed for Memorial Day, so the teens at the All Night Skate Party will have free reign on the rink! Skate all night next Sunday, May 24th. You’re the only one who will get the chance!

Get ready for a night unlike any other. Tickets for the All Night Skate Party are on sale now!

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Announcing Funcity’s Summer Schedule!

The sun is shining, the end of school is in view, and Funcity Sk8 and Play is gearing up for another awesome season of rocking, rolling, and laser tag fun! Summer skating is almost here, and our Memorial Day Lock-In isn’t the only event on our summer break schedule. Our family entertainment center is jam packed with summer fun, from weekly matinee skating to Saturday Adult Night BYOB.

Summer Skating Hours

summer skating schedule - funcity sk8Get a taste of freedom at Funcity’s All Night Skate Party on May 24th. We’re closed for Memorial Day, so you’ll have the rink to yourself (well, you and 100 of your favorite people!) from dusk until dawn. Then it’s time to wrap up the school year and dive into summer fun at Funcity Sk8! Summer hours start June 6 and don’t end until August 23. Strap on your skates for weekly summer skating:

  • All Day Skate and Play (Tuesday-Friday from 11am to 4pm) – come before noon and get a free slice of pizza and soda with paid admission
  • DOLLAR NIGHT (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-10pm) – $1 admission for 1 night of all star skating!
  • Friday Night Skate and Laser Tag (5-8pm, 7-11pm) – bundle and save; 2 two-for-one deals every Friday night
  • Play All Day Saturday Skate and Jump (1-9pm) – just $10 admission for double the fun
  • Saturday Night BYOB (9:30pm-midnight) – BYOB summer fun for 18+ (must sign waiver; ID required; no glass, kegs, or food allowed)
  • Sunday Skate and Jump (1-5:30pm)

Get ready for a little R&R (yes, that’s Rest and Roller-Skating!). Funcity Sk8 and Play has a full schedule of summer fun for Houston families.

Party Ideas for Houston Teens

girl with birthday presentsAt one point or another, every parent feels like they’re just not connecting with their teen. Kids just want to have fun, but sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between fun, over, and retro. A roller-skating birthday party is perfect for kids of all ages, teens included! As you’re planning your little adult’s next birthday celebration, keep these ideas in mind.

3 Teen Birthday Party Ideas at Funcity Sk8

  1. All about that theme. Worried that your teen will find a roller-skating party passe? Pick a theme and watch the fun begin! Plan a party based around your kid’s favorite book or movie (zombies are in right now!), embrace old school fun with a retro throwback party, or make it a Glow Party and watch your teen light up as she signs her best friend’s shirt in neon sharpies. The sky’s the limit!
  2. Turn it up with laser tag. Some teens dart from one activity to the next with barely a moment’s breath. Want to make sure there’s no end to the fun? Plan a Friday night birthday party and enjoy roller-skating, arcade games, and laser tag. Make it a free-for-all and hand out prizes to the winners of each game or play teams and give the victors first dibs on pizza. You can’t go wrong with a Crossfire Laser Tag party.
  3. Host the skating Olympics. You don’t have to wait until 2016 to watch the Summer Olympics. Crank up the competition for your teen’s birthday party this year. We’ll help you plan skate races, laser tag competitions, and fun games like roller-skating limbo. Give out a gold medal (or an extra slice of cake) to the winner!

Book your teen’s birthday party at Funcity Sk8. We have public and private parties, roller-skating and laser tag events, and a long list of add-ons to make your celebration truly special.

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Summer Fun Rolls into Funcity Sk8

“The more, the merrier” isn’t just an expression. Something about a dozen, a score, or a hundred laughing faces add energy to a room that you couldn’t get anywhere else. At Funcity Sk8, we’re big supporters of big fun. Book your summer camp groups at Funcity Sk8.

Funcity Sk8 Group Rates

kids skating - summer groupsThere’s plenty of fun for everyone! Funcity Sk8 and Play is happy to accommodate groups of all sizes. We offer special daycare rates with deals on admission and add-on options for kids’ lunch specials. Our daycare skates are closed to the public, so you don’t need to worry about strangers skating too close to your toddlers. Have a larger group? Consider renting out the rink for a private bash or fundraiser! Kids will love the opportunity to skate, bounce, and roll to their own tune. And a summer camp fundraiser won’t just raise funds for next year; it’s also a great lesson for kids learning how to manage money!

Mobile Laser Tag

Do you need an end-of-session event for your overnight summer camp? There’s no better way to play than laser tag! With Mobile Laser Tag we bring the party to you, gear, blinds, and gaming captain included. Play cabin vs. cabin, girls vs. boys, campers vs. counselors, or bracket style elimination. One thing’s for sure: it’s an End of Camp celebration your kids will never forget!

*maximum 16 laser guns

Have a camp group that doesn’t fall into one of our categories? We’re always happy to accommodate new skaters! Call Funcity Sk8 to learn more about group skate summer pricing options.

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A Full Night of Summer Fun

It’s been a long semester filled with countless fun (Frozen Princess Party, anyone?) and not-so-fun (unless you like math tests) moments. The school year is finally wrapping up. Before we dive into a full schedule of spectacular summer skating, we’re turning it up for one night you won’t want to miss: the Memorial Day weekend All Night Skate!

Skate All Night

memorial day skate eventReady to skate from dusk until dawn? Our annual End of School party is almost here! Celebrate summer with a full night of skating, laser tag, pizza, prizes, and more than one hot competition. It’s time to say “sayonara” to homework, tests, and waking up before 7am. Summer vacation is officially on its way! Get your tickets before they’re gone!

  • All Night Skate Party on Sunday, May 24th
  • Skate 7pm-7am for just $20
  • or skate 9pm-7am for $15
  • Every All Night skater gets all-you-can-eat-pizza from 7-8:30pm

Memorial Day Fun for Teens

Funcity Sk8 and Play is turning it up! Skate all night and play ’til dawn with 12 hours of non stop fun. All Night Skate features free-for-all and team play laser tag games, skate races, dance contests, your favorite X-Box and PS3 games, Wrap the Rink, all-you-can-eat pizza, breakfast, drinks, and more! And because it’s supervised by the Funcity team, All Night Skate is totally parent-approved.

Brush off the stress of last semester and say “hello” to summer in style. You won’t find a better Memorial Day party anywhere in Houston.

Tickets are on sale now! Get your ticket to All Night Skate or call Funcity Sk8 and Play for more details.

A Summer of All-Star Skating

No matter what task you’re undertaking, the first step is always the hardest. When it comes to roller skating, that first step could help you soar . . . or land you flat on your rear. In the end, falling in love with roller-skating is all about how well you learn it.

Tips for Beginner Skaters

  • kids roller skatingPad up. You won’t want to keep skating if your first attempt leaves you battered and bruised. Master your wheels without causing serious injury by wearing comfortable skates, loose, comfortable clothing (that won’t snag on things while you learn to keep your balance), and whatever safety pads make you feel comfortable.
  • Find your balance. The most challenging lesson for beginner skaters isn’t gaining speed or transitioning into tricks, but learning balance. A few tips to get you started:

-You will fall. Learn to do it safely by practicing falling to your knees on the carpet.

-Don’t be afraid to hug the wall. You’ll move to the middle of the rink soon enough.

-When in doubt, crouch. The lower you skate, the lower your center of gravity (and the less likely you are to hit the floor).

  • Take a lesson. The best way to learn the roller-skating basics is to ask a professional. Sign up for Sunday afternoon skate lessons at Funcity and get 4 weeks of personalized tips as you master the basics side-by-side with other new skaters. We’ll teach you all the fundamentals, from safety techniques and balance to speed and skating games. Each lesson includes:

-4 skating lessons (Sundays from 12:15 to 1pm)

-A new pair of skates for every student

-Admission to our Sunday Matinee session (1-5:30pm; KidzPit extra)

Call Funcity Sk8 to learn more about mastering the basics, signing up for skate lessons, and attending our summer skate camps.

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