Plan a Stellar End of School Skating Party

It’s that time of year again. Kids are getting antsy about staying indoors, but the weather is too unpredictable for an outdoor field trip. Teachers are stressed about planning end-of-the-year parties, and parents want school trips that are both fun and educational. Luckily, there’s a way to keep kids active, engaged, and even learning while they play. Book an end of school event at Funcity Sk8 and let the good times roll!

End of School Skating Party

end of school partyAre you tired of the same old End of School party? You don’t have to get a reputation for being boring. When you book an end of the year event at Funcity Sk8 and Play, you’ll minimize the stress of planning and become a hero to your students! Roller-skating school trips are full of fun, education, and exercise. Teach the kids one last lesson on gravity, inertia, and the health benefits of staying active. Reward your top students for their hard work with an afternoon of uninterrupted play. Or expand your end of school event beyond just one class, and plan a school carnival with Mobile Laser Tag from Funcity Sk8. No matter what kind of educational celebration you’re planning, Funcity Sk8 and Play has the facilities, the fun, and the fantastic staff to make your event a success.

School Skating Parties

We’re happy to host:

  • Laser tag events on school grounds
  • Roller-skating and laser tag parties at Funcity Sk8
  • Skate, bounce, and laser tag events for kids of all ages
  • School fundraisers
  • Field trips and end of school parties
  • Any other event on your calendar!

To book your school group for a day of play, call Funcity Sk8 in Webster, TX.

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School Field Trips in Webster, Texas

Roller-Skating Field Trip.Any kid will argue the absolute best time during school was the field trip that led them out into the world. Learning doesn’t have to be limited to just the classroom, there is much knowledge to be gained by taking a day away from the desk.

Not Just Any Field Trip
As ‘screen time’ increases, giving children a physical education is becoming increasingly important. To lead a healthy life as an adult, children should be taught at a young age that physical fitness doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous.

At FunCity your students will learn that physical fitness can be fun and enjoyable while they experience roller skating around our ring. That’s not the only thing they will learn – their communication skills and teamwork will be put to the test as they try out laser tag events.


Field trips are a great way to teach soft skills outside the classroom. We offer a number of different packages for these field trips. Reasonable group prices are available for numbers of up to 150. These packages come with 2 hours of roller skating time and skate rentals. Optional add-ons are available to make a totally customizable excursion.

For additional information, contact a FunCity Sk8 representative by clicking here.

4 Ways to Celebrate a Better Birthday

If you’re looking for a celebration your child will never forget, the search is over. Birthday parties at Funcity Sk8 and Play aren’t just fun, they’re easy to plan, inexpensive, and tailored to your individual needs. Make your child’s birthday party even better with these 5 ways to make a birthday party better.

4 Tips for a Better Birthday Party

  1. celebrating with presentsPlan ahead. When you book a birthday at Funcity, we take care of the snacks, the games, and the cleanup. Make sure your child’s party is everything they dreamed of by planning your party well in advance. Book an Extreme, Glow, The Works, or private party, then customize your event with add ons. The earlier you plan it, the better (and easier) your birthday party will be.
  2. Don’t forget add-ons. Funcity Sk8 offers a number of ways to customize your child’s birthday bash. Get extra tokens, glow sticks, goody bags, and more for the birthday kid and her guests.
  3. Get more bang for your buck. Birthday parties at Funcity Sk8 are overflowing with fun, from exclusive skating races to awesome arcade games. If your kid loves competition, book a Friday night birthday bash. In addition to roller-skating and bouncing, your guests will get a chance to test their sharpshooting skills in our laser tag arena.
  4. Give a great gift. The best birthday gifts are fun, useful, and fit with the party theme. What better gift for the birthday boy or girl than a new pair of roller-skates? Not only does skating engage kids in active play (something parents will love!), your child will be able to customize his new gift while he’s here (something the guest of honor will love!). Check out the roller-skates, skating accessories, and other fun toys in our shop.

Have more questions about planning the perfect birthday party? Call Funcity Sk8 and Play in Houston.

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Ready . . . Aim . . . Fun!

Do you love the rush of sneaking through an open field, weapon at the ready, to steal a token of victory from the enemy? What about the lure of testing your skills in one-on-one combat? See if you have what it takes to win with tactical laser tag and mobile war games at Funcity Sk8.

Friday Night Fighting

Want to let your kids get rid of excess energy without causing trouble? Friday nights at Funcity are full of safe, kid-approved fun! Gamers and adventurers alike dive headfirst into our tactical war games, which are filled with solitary and team-building scenarios to keep boys and girls engaged. Our gaming captain guides Houston kids through a series of Crossfire laser tag missions, from Capture the Flag and SWAT tasks to Team Death Match and Domination. What’s better? Funcity Sk8 has laser tag every Friday night! Simply add $2.50 onto the price of a normal skating session and your kids can skate, bounce, and shoot to their hearts’ content.

We have Friday Night Crossfire every Friday from 5-11pm. Participants must be 7 years or older. Group sessions available for advance booking.

Mobile Laser Tag

mobile laser tag in houstonWant to take the fight on the road? Mobile laser tag is an excellent option for kids’ birthday parties, corporate days, and school carnivals. Get the immersive experience of Crossfire laser tag without the hassle. When you book a mobile laser tag event, we bring the realistic weapons, harrowing scenarios, and Funcity fun to you! Add extra guns, players, and cover to create an even more realistic experience.

For more information on Friday Night fun, laser tag birthday parties, and mobile laser tag in Houston, call Funcity Sk8 and Play.

Away From the Desk, Into the Fun

Education BlackboardArguably, the best times of the school year for the kids are the field trips they get to take that led them out into the world. Learning doesn’t have to be limited to just the classroom, there is much knowledge to be gained by taking a day away from sitting at their desks.

As ‘screen time’ increases, teaching children about physical fitness is important. To lead a healthy life as an adult they should be taught at a young age that fitness doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. At Funcity your students will learn that physical fitness can be fun and enjoyable while they get to experience skating around our rink. That’s not the only thing they will learn – their team work skills will be put to the test as they try out laser tag events.

The normal laser tag game of team A versus team B is always fun, but think outside of the box! Play a game of teachers versus students, make point goals so that the game brings in the challenge of math, or set up a version of leagues to keep the kids playing throughout the session.

Roller skating is not only a great way to teach kids about exercise and fitness, but it’s a unique opportunity learn about physics. Kinetic energy versus potential energy is easily illustrated out on the skating floor while the kids on are wheels.

Field trips are a great way to teach outside the classroom. We offer a number of different packages for these excursions, which include bringing up to 150 guests for a reasonable price. These packages come with 2 hours of skate time and skate rentals, as well as optional add-ons.

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Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

This spring, Funcity Sk8 is freezing over! Forget April showers: Arendelle’s favorite princesses are bundling up and strapping on their skates to bring winter back to Webster. If you want to build a snowman (or watch Elsa create everyone’s favorite silly snowball, Olaf), you won’t want to miss our Frozen Skate Party.

Skate with Anna and Elsa

frozen skate partyThere’s nothing cooler than skating with Anna and Elsa at Funcity’s spectacular Frozen party! Wear a costume, get exclusive pictures, and unfreeze a few frozen hearts with your favorite Arendelle princesses. Funcity’s Frozen Skate Party is Friday, April 3, from 11am-4pm.

  • $7.50 admission
  • $3.50 skate rentals
  • A free slice of pizza and drink if you come before noon
  • Costume contest
  • Exclusive giveaways

Win Tickets to Frozen on Ice!

Need another excuse to party with your favorite Frozen princesses? Get excited for an exclusive giveaway! Funcity Sk8 has two tickets to Frozen on Ice and we’re handing them out for free. When you buy admission to our princess party, you’re automatically entered for a chance to win 2 free tickets to Frozen on Ice. But that’s not all! Wear your best Frozen-inspired costume and you could win a month of free skating! A few ideas for costume contest success:

  • Dress up like Queen Elsa or Princess Anna
  • Wanna build a snowman? Make an Olaf or Marshmallow costume
  • Get princely with a Hans costume or unleash your inner iceman with clothes like Kristoff’s
  • Love animals? Try a Sven costume on for size!
  • Get creative! An original idea goes a long way toward impressing judges

Get ready to Let it Go! Frozen hits Funcity Sk8 on Friday, April 3rd.

How to Stay Active (Even in Winter)

Are you tired of dreary weather? Feeling a bad case of the winter blues? Shake off your troubles with a day of play at Funcity Sk8! We’ve got a facility full of family fun for any weather. Stop dreaming of spring and start living in the now with these fantastic indoor events for kids in Webster.


Ready for a day of good, classic fun? Kids of all age love roller-skating, from toddlers testing out their first skates to “kids at heart” who’ve been skating since the ‘60’s! Glide around the skating floor to your favorite top 40’s tunes, try out new tricks to impress your friends, and join in special skates announced by our DJ.

Laser Tag

Want to engage your kids in a competition for the ages? Pre-teens, teens, and adults love Crossfire Laser Tag. Join our Gaming Captain to test your skills in combat as you and your friends battle with state-of-the-art technology. Kids 7 and up are welcome to join in as you beat missions like Domination, Capture the Flag, Team Death Match, and SWAT tasks.


bounce in the kids pitDo your little ones love monkeying around? Let them! Funcity Sk8 has a bounce area for kids under 48”. They’ll love jumping, bouncing, and sliding around our parent-approved obstacle course. Just make sure they don’t forget to wear socks!

Funcity Sk8 and Play Arcade

Are you trying to get the kids out of the house? The best thing about Funcity Sk8 is that there’s fun for everyone! Encourage your gamer to get off the couch and engage in a little competitive fun. Our arcade is full of interactive team and individual games kids love. When they’re done playing they can trade in their tickets for prizes like candy, glow jewelry, and skating accessories.

Ready to play? Plan a family day at Funcity Sk8.

Spring into Holiday Skating

spring break skating scheduleSpring is in the air, and the next big school break is so close we can almost taste it. Rain or shine, warm weather or cold, Funcity Sk8 is your destination for the best spring break ever! Join us for indoor family fun at Webster’s favorite skating center, laser tag arena, and bounce zone. The fun rolls into town March 14-22.

Skate and Play

Join us Monday-Friday for special School’s Out Spring Break Skate and Play! Perfect for fun with families, friends, neighbors, and community groups. You know the deal on school vacation skating: come before noon and get a FREE slice of pizza and soda.

  • 11am-4pm Monday-Friday
  • $7.50 single activity
  • $10 bundle
  • $3.50 skate rental

Dollar Night

Nothing says “spring break” like cheap skating at Funcity! We’re throwing not one, but two Dollar Nights the week of spring break. Receive your favorite $1 deals on admission, pizza, and drinks. No matter how many friends you bring, skating is just a dollar apiece! Funcity Dollar Night Skating is Tuesday, March 17th and Thursday, March 19th from 6-10pm.

Roller-Skating and More

The fun never ends at Funcity Sk8! Battle it out at Friday night Skate and Laser Tag. You can skate and play from 5-8pm, 7-11pm, or both for a special bundle deal! We’ve also got big savings heading your way for our Friday skate sale on March 18th.

  • $7.50 skate or laser tag
  • $10 bundle (skate + laser tag)
  • $3.50 skate rentals

Weekend Fun

Get ready for double the fun at our Saturday and Sunday All Day Skate and Jump sessions! Swing by Saturday, March 19th for a roller-skating and jump session from 1-9pm. Then come back Sunday for Skate and Jump from 1-5:30pm.

Ready to celebrate a week away from classes? Call Funcity Sk8 for more information on spring break activities for kids in Webster.

Hail to the Chief!

School’s out on February 16th. You know what that means: roller-skating madness at Funcity Sk8 and Play! See if you can top your Valentine’s Day skate records at our 5 hour School’s Out Play Day. We’ll have roller-skating, Kidzpit jumping, pizza, soda, and more!

President’s Day Out of School Skate

out of school skateAre you ready to skate? School’s out for President’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be celebrating alone. Bring your family, friends, and favorite classmates skating at our all day holiday skating event. We’ll be here making memories from 11-4 on Monday, January 16th. Come before noon and get a free slice of pizza and drink! Then play the day away with roller-skating for all and Kidzpit adventures for children 48 inches and under.

About Out of School skating:

Fun Facts About President’s Day

  • The holiday is technically called “Washington’s Birthday”
  • Washington’s actual birthday is February 22nd
  • Lincoln’s birthday is February 12th
  • William Henry Harrison and Ronald Reagan were also born in February
  • President’s Day has been a holiday since 1885
  • It’s part of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, a federal decision from the 1960’s to give Americans more 3 day weekends
  • People love using cherries in dessert to celebrate Washington’s birthday. Why? We cannot tell a lie: it’s about that legend with the axe and the cherry tree

Celebrate Washington, Lincoln, and all your favorite presidents at the Funcity Out of School Skate on Monday, January 16th. Call Funcity Sk8 and Play for more details on Houston family fun.

Bring a Date . . . If You Dare

Are you tired of hot pink chocolates, big red bows, and overstuffed teddy bears holding cheesy hearts? Roll up to a new kind of Valentine’s Day party this February. This year the Funcity Valentine’s Day party falls on Friday the 13th, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to celebrate the season of love in spooky style. Get ready for a night of romance and running (er, skating) at Funcity Sk8’s My Bloody Valentine event.

My Bloody Valentine

my bloody valentine skate eventDon’t you love when there’s an 80’s slasher film practically written for your party? Celebrate Valentine’s Day (if you dare) with our Friday the 13th My Bloody Valentine party, a horror show of holiday frights and sweet delights. Bring a date if you’re feeling brave or celebrate solo skating. If you join the party after your school dance you’ll receive a scary good deal on the price of admission!

My Bloody Valentine skate night:

  • Friday, February 13th from 5-11pm
  • $10 admission for bundled skating and laser tag
  • Pizza slice and 16oz drink included
  • Only $5 for after-dance skating (9-11pm)

Frightful, Festive Fun

Get ready for a night of frightful fun and sweetheart skating. My Bloody Valentine is a skate night like no other.

  • Wear red and get VIP specials all night long
  • Every girl gets a rose at the door!
  • Can you survive our Laser Tag Shootout?
  • Pierce hearts at our Cupid’s Arrow archery contest
  • Enter the My Bloody Valentine Costume Contest and you could win 1 month of free skating!

Valentine’s Day at Funcity Sk8 promises to be a bloody affair. Rock your red and roll with the punches for a night that will haunt you until next February.