The Rules of the Rink

traffic signalsRoller-skating is a lot of fun. Not only does it allow kids to stay active and push their own limits, it lets them be social, hanging out with friends and family while they skate to their favorite songs. But for some kids, it’s easy to get swept up in the energy of skating. If your kids are pumped for their next skating birthday party, family skate day, or holiday event, help them brush up on skating etiquette.

Roller-Skating Etiquette

  1. Know your skill level. Just like actual roads have laws, skating rinks have unspoken rules to help everyone stay safe and happy. Beginner skaters stick to the sides, where they can grip the wall for support as they master their skates. Experienced skaters veer towards the middle, where they can show off top speeds and cool tricks without injuring smaller kids.
  2. Follow the herd. This may be bad advice for peer pressure situations, but it prevents a lot of injuries when it comes to roller-skating. Skate in the same direction as other skaters on the floor to prevent a painful pileup.
  3. Break up with your friends. Two or three kids skating together makes for a fun evening. Five or six makes other skaters dive out of the way. Unless the skating floor is empty, stick to smaller groups out of consideration for your fellow skaters.
  4. Listen to the DJ. Because he’s awesome. Okay, okay. You should also listen to the DJ because ignoring announcements could cause trouble. If the DJ says to clear the floor, don’t keep skating. Otherwise you might get swept up in a game of skate limbo (or get swept away by the cleaning crew).

Ready to roll? Funcity Sk8 and Play has a full calendar of spring family events. Call our Houston skating center to learn more about upcoming sessions.

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