Heart Healthy, Heart Happy

This month is all about hearts — and not just the chocolate kind. Valentine’s Day may get the February spotlight, but the holiday of love wouldn’t be possible without those hearts thumping and fluttering when loved ones are near. February is National Heart Month. Keep that heart healthy for the people you love.

Roller-Skating and Heart Health

You probably know that roller-skating is good for building muscles, burning calories, and developing flexibility. But did you know The American Heart Association recommends skating as a top exercise for heart health? Roller-skating gets your heart pumping, keeping it healthy and strengthening it over time. Regular exercise can lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Experts recommend 75-150 minutes of exercise each week. For just a buck on Tuesday nights, you can get entire week’s worth of exercise at Dollar Night, and have a blast doing it!

Valentine’s Skate

valentine's skateWhat’s more romantic than the promise of forever? Treat your favorite person to night of fun at Funcity Sk8. Friday, February 12th we’re hosting a special Valentine’s Skate from 7-11:30pm. We’re offering 2-for-1 admission, so make sure you bring a date! Show off your skills at the Cupid’s Shooting Range. Get sweet (or silly) to romantic tunes during our special Couples Skates. It’s the perfect thing to get your date’s heart pumping!

Planning date night with your spouse on Sunday? You can still have fun at Valentine’s Skate! Let the kids know you love them with a day of play (and lots of chocolate!) at Funcity Sk8.

  • $8 admission
  • $3.50 rentals
  • $12 bundle includes unlimited skating, 1 game of laser tag, a slice of pizza, and a 16oz drink

Love is in the air! Celebrate heart health and the person who gets your heart thumping. Don’t miss Valentine’s Day at Funcity Sk8!

The Best Things in Life Are Free!

At Funcity Sk8, we believe in the power of fun. Anything that gets kids active, learning new things, and laughing with their friends is a win in our book! That’s why we partner with Kids Skate Free, a nationwide program dedicated to getting kids off the couch on onto their feet! Enjoy a new year of great fun for kids at Funcity Sk8 and Play.

Kids Skate Free in Webster

kids skate free logoIf you don’t know about this incredible program, you’re in for a real treat. Roller-skating encourages kids to become their best selves. Not only is regular exercise good for the mind and body, learning new skating tricks keeps kids engaged in their health and their community. Kids Skate Free partners with skating rinks across the country to teach kids the value of fitness and fun. Through this remarkable program, Funcity gives young kids of all backgrounds the chance to enjoy regular, healthy exercise with their friends and families.

Keeping Kids in Webster Active

How does it work? Sign up your kids aged 12 and younger for Kids Skate Free at Funcity Sk8. These passes are for skating only and can’t be used for meals, laser tag, or birthday parties. Don’t forget to teach your kids the importance of regular, fun-filled exercise. Then bring the family to our pass-approved skating sessions, and have a blast on our dime! We currently accept Kids Skate Free passes for the following sessions:

  • Friday (7-11:30pm)
  • Saturday (1-6pm)
  • Sunday (1:30-5pm)

To learn more about Kids Skate Free, monthly skating coupons, and holiday family fun, call Funcity Sk8 and Play in Webster, TX.

4 Reasons to Take Your Date Skating

birds in loveValentine’s Day should be unforgettable. That doesn’t mean spending a month’s paycheck on flowers, candy, dinner reservations, and other expensive gifts. February 14th is about honoring relationships, not just gifts and cheesy romance. What better way to say “I love you” than having fun with the person you love?

4 Reasons to Go Skating This Valentine’s Day

At Funcity Sk8, we celebrate relationships in all their stages, whether you’ve just said “I do” or “yes, I’ll go out with you!” Why is skating a great idea for a Valentine’s Day date?

  1. It’s inexpensive. Blowing your bank account doesn’t equal romance, no matter what the greeting card industry tells you. Find a way to show your significant other you love them without winding up in debt. Valentine’s Day skating is buy one, get one free in honor of all the folks feeling the love in Webster this month.
  2. It’s unusual. Don’t be one of those couples sharing a candlelit dinner with 45 other couples. We won’t rush you out the door so someone else can have your table. Sit back, relax, and skate a while with someone you love.
  3. It’s romantic. Maybe you want to recreate your first date, roller-skating with the love of your life. Maybe you never learned to skate, and your boyfriend or girlfriend has offered to teach you. Maybe you’ve been inspired by the lighthearted romance of eras past. Or maybe you just want to destroy your SO in a game of laser tag! There’s no wrong reason to take your partner roller-skating for Valentine’s Day!
  4. It’s distinctive. Five years from now, you may not remember which restaurant you went to for Valentine’s Day. You will remember laughing around the skating floor, grabbing snacks and candy from the cafe, and snapping skating selfies for Facebook.

Come to Funcity Sk8 Valentine’s Day Couples Skate on Friday, February 12th from 7-11:30pm.

Valentine’s Day

MLK Fun at Funcity Sk8

american flagWhen kids see “school holiday” on the calendar, they think one thing: FREEEEDOM! For parents it’s slightly different: “Am I off work that day?” “What errands have I been putting off?” “I’d love to spend the day with the kids.”

Funcity Sk8 and Play makes school holidays easy and fun. Load up the car for a full day of family play or drop off the kids while you finish those chores you’ve been putting off since Christmas. We have 5 full hours of skating, laser tag, and arcade games to keep the kids going this MLK Day.

Family Skating

Ready for a full day of family fun? Get the kids off the couch for a day of interactive play! On January 18th, 5 hours of roller-skating is just $8. Kids and parents of all ages are welcome to skate to their favorite songs, brush up on their roller-skating skills, and spend quality time with friends and family. Skate rentals are $3.50, or wear the skates you got for Christmas! We have a full selection of skates and skating accessories for kids interested in taking up a new sport. Our special MLK Day school holiday skate goes from 11am to 4pm. Don’t miss it!

Laser Tag

Do you love thinking about strategy? Do you prefer action-oriented sports to roller-skating? Do you love skating, but want a chance to show your brother you’re the better sharpshooter? Don’t miss tactical laser tag at our MLK Day school holiday. Games are just $2 per person!

Don’t miss the fun of MLK Day skating on January 18th. To learn more about weekly skating sessions, school holiday skates, and skate events in Houston, call Funcity Sk8 and Play.

Calling All Homeschoolers!

Homeschoolers often get the fast-track to educational success. With the undivided attention of the teacher (yes, we mean you, mom!), as well as fewer distractions and more time to study, homeschool kids are generally a smart bunch. But the shortcoming of the homeschool method is a lack of socialization for the kids. Many homeschool parents spend years juggling homeschool programs, educational field trips, and more to help kids get out and experience the world.

Homeschool Skate

homeschool skateAt Funcity Sk8 and Play, we want kids to have the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and create lasting memories. Every second Wednesday of the month we host Homeschool Skate from 1-4pm. It’s the perfect way to keep kids active without a regular P.E. course. Kids can learn new skating tricks while they get a great cardiovascular workout. Parents are welcome to join (not only is roller-skating excellent for your legs, glutes, and core, it’s low-impact on your joints). Shake off the stuck-inside slumps with an afternoon of play at Funcity Sk8. Don’t want to waste an afternoon of learning? Teach your kids the science of skating, from gravity and inertia to the way skating works individual muscle groups. It’s even great for health courses, teaching kids the value of regular physical activity.

Homeschool Groups at Funcity Sk8

We welcome individual kids, families, and homeschool co-ops to Homeschool Skate. Make it a monthly event or just come when it fits your schedule. Admission is just $5, rentals included! We also make it easy for homeschoolers to celebrate birthdays and other special events with their friends. Simply book your party during our Wednesday homeschool slot. In addition to all the amenities offered with our birthday party packages, we allow party guests to bring in cupcakes or cookies to make the celebration more special than ever!

Want to learn more about skating education in Webster, TX? Give Funcity Sk8 a call!

Wanna Keep Your Resolutions? Make Fitness Fun!

2016 fireworksIf you snuck a peek at your friends’ New Year’s Resolutions, chances are 75% of them have some form of fitness on their 2016 to-do list. But everyone knows that sticking to an exercise goal is a bigger challenge than getting an infant to sleep through the night. Funcity Sk8 is here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Ready to get started?


How to Keep Fitness Resolutions

  1. Make a plan. If you spend December 31st telling yourself, “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow,” chances are it will never happen. Write down your fitness goals for the New Year, and make sure they’re realistic. Set mini-goals to achieve until you reach the big one. Schedule several workouts a week, but don’t expect fitness to take over your life, or you won’t stick with it long enough to work off that New Year’s bubbly.
  2. Make it fun. On January 1st, hoards of Houston residents will flood the local gym, intent on looking good for Valentine’s Day, spring break, or the far-off dream of summer vacation. By mid-February, almost 80% of New Year’s Resolution gym members will have stopped attending. So what’s the secret to sticking with it? Make fitness fun! You don’t have to waste away on the treadmill to get fit. Roller-skating builds muscles in the legs, glutes, and core in addition to being a great cardiovascular workout. Instead of joining the gym, resolve to visit Funcity Sk8 3 to 4 times a week.
  3. Bring a buddy. It’s easier to stay on track if someone is motivating you. Choose a fitness buddy, whether it’s your best friend, spouse, or kids. They’ll keep you motivated when life seems too busy for an hour or two at the rink.

Ready to reach your 2016 fitness goals? Visit Funcity Sk8 and Play for a workout you can stick with!

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Happy Holidays from Funcity Sk8

season's greetingsOnce December hits, every day is an endless stream of holiday prep. Buying Christmas presents (did Timmy want quad skates or inline?), grocery shopping for holiday meals (don’t forget the pie!), and decorating the Christmas tree (“dear, where did you put my mother’s box of ornaments?”) can take over fast. But in the end it’s not the presents or the tree (or even the Christmas pie) that makes the holidays so meaningful. It’s taking time to appreciate the people in our lives.

At Funcity Sk8 and Play, we love watching families come together for a day of merry play. That’s why we’ve filled the calendar with Winter Break Skates, a Christmas Eve FREE Skate, and New Year’s Eve celebrations for skaters of all ages. As the holidays finally arrive, we’re watching the smiles of families and friends light up the rink. Thank you for being part of the Funcity family. You truly make our days merry and bright!

Merry Christmas from Funcity Sk8! Have a blessed holiday. We’ll see you soon!

How to Have an Amazing Holiday

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just a week and a half away. With presents to buy, guest rooms to prepare, and kids on vacation underfoot, this season of merriment can turn into a season of mayhem in no time flat. Here are 3 ways busy families can take advantage of our winter break schedule.

Winter Break Family Skating

  1. Ditch the kids. Christmas is about spending time with the people you love. But in order to enjoy a relaxing holiday, parents need a few hours (or days) of uninterrupted time to finish errands, wrap presents, and stock up on essential groceries. At Funcity Sk8, we have fully supervised fun for kids in Webster. Drop off the kids for a day of skating, arcade games, and more. Pick them up at the end of the session, once your to-do list is a little shorter.
  2. Entertain the relatives. Is your brother taking advantage of his work vacation by coming for Christmas a weekend early? Entertain visiting relatives with holiday week family fun like Monday-Wednesday Matinee, Tuesday Dollar Night, and Christmas Eve FREE Skate. They’ll have a blast and you’ll have one less thing to stress about.
  3. father and daughter playingTake a breather. Ready to ditch the responsibilities for a day? Reconnect with your kids with a day of play at Funcity Sk8. There’s no better time to say, “You are what matters.” (And hey, with all that roller-skating fitness, you’ll be able to eat as much as you want during Christmas dinner!)

Ready to celebrate? Dive into holiday cheer with winter break adventures at Funcity Sk8’s.

Family Fun Photo from FreeDigitalPhotos

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Everywhere you go there’s another secret joy waiting to brighten your day. We’re excited about exchanging gifts, enjoying time off school, and watching kids spend the holidays with their families and friends. Ready to relax? Strap on your skates for Christmas and New Year’s events at Funcity Sk8 and Play!

Winter Break Skating

When the teachers are away . . .

We all know the drill. Kids get out of school, go stir crazy, and start to drive their parents crazy. Whether you drop the kids off to finish holiday shopping or take a break from your busy schedule to skate with the kids, Funcity is here for winter break fun. Check out our school break schedule for fresh opportunities to skate, day and night.

Christmas Skate Sales

Are you looking for that perfect present? The one that’s useful, lasting, and actually on your kid’s Christmas list? It’s time to invest in roller-skates! Not only will your kids love them, they’re a great way to keep your family healthy and active year round. Check out our online skate shop or visit our Pro Shop at the rink. Don’t see what you want? We can special order Christmas skates at the rink! Ask one of our experts how to find the best skate for your needs.

New Year’s Lock-In

new year's lock-inRing in the new year with a hundred of your closest friends! The New Year’s Eve All-Night Skate is a time-honored tradition at Funcity Sk8. We’ll have games, dance contests, skating, laser tag, all-you-can-eat-pizza, breakfast, and an opportunity to Wrap the Rink. Who could pass that up? Watch the ball drop while you have a blast at our all night skating party. Thursday, December 31st from 7pm to 7am.

Funcity Sk8 is your go-to destination for holiday family fun. Have a question about upcoming skate days? Give us a call!

Winter Break Skating

Old Man Winter may be dragging his feet, but Father Christmas is all around. The winter holidays are lighting up Houston, giving us a dose of merriment and glee. Winter break will arrive before you know it, bringing not only presents, but fun times with the people you love. Are you ready for winter holiday skating? Don’t miss Funcity’s holiday events this year!

Winter Break Skating

 winter break bannerWhen the teachers are away, the kids will play! We have special hours throughout season, giving kids and families the opportunity to skate away seasonal stresses and get excited about the holidays. Winter break skating kicks off December 21st. We’ll have extra skating hours through January 3rd, giving families plenty of time to play on their breaks. Look forward to these fun holiday events:

  • Monday-Wednesday Skate and Play: 11am-4pm. $8 skating, plus one game of laser tag for just $2 more! Come before noon and receive a FREE slice of pizza and 16oz drink.
  • Tuesday Dollar Night: Save up for last minute stocking stuffers with affordable fun for the whole family. $1 admission, $3 laser tag, and Dollar Deal$ throughout the rink.
  • Christmas Eve Skate. Everyone gets in FREE on Thursday, December 24th. 12pm-3pm.
  • Weekend Fun. Special skate events Saturday and Sunday during the holiday. Includes All Day Skate and Laser Tag, BYOB Adult Night, and Advanced Skate Night.
  • New Year’s Events. Don’t miss the Kiddie Countdown and All Night Countdown Lock-in.

Take a moment this holiday season to cherish the people you love. Don’t miss family holiday events at Funcity Sk8 and Play.