Summer Kickoff Memorial Day Lock-In

What would you do with 12 hours in a roller-skating rink? Would you dance ‘til dawn, level the laser tag competition, or cause a little mayhem? Do all that and more at Funcity Sk8’s annual All Night Lock-In Party this Memorial Day! It’s time to skate the night away.

Memorial Day Lock-In

memorial day lock in Just can’t get enough of Webster summer fun? We’re giving you your fill with the biggest summer kickoff party of the year! Kids from Webster, Friendswood, League City, and Houston are gathering for a night of fun that’s 100% kid and parent approved. Here’s what you’ll find at a Funcity All Night Skate Party:

  • Endless roller-skating to kids’ favorite top 40’s tunes
  • Special song requests from the DJ
  • Jam skate competitions, roller-skating games, and skate races and relays
  • Team and individual tactical laser tag games
  • Video game competitions on PS3 and Xbox
  • A wheels-free dance competition
  • Games, prizes, and party favors
  • A chance to unleash that inner mischief-maker and toilet paper Funcity Sk8 during Wrap the Rink
  • All you can eat pizza from 7-8:30pm
  • Hot breakfast before parent pick-up
  • Full time staff supervision
  • And much more!

Can’t wait to get in on the action? This is one End of School party your kids will be talking about all summer. Buy tickets for our Memorial Day All Night Lock-In or call Funcity Sk8 to learn more.

Book an End of School Skating Bash!

With standardized testing season upon us, many parents, teachers, and students feel like life is one big Scantron sheet. Kids work hard to show their mastery of everything they learned this year at school. And then come the play days, rewarding kids for a year of dedication to homework, exams, and studying. But there’s not much time left! Book your end of school skating parties at Funcity Sk8.

End of School Parties

girl reading textbookWhether you’re a teacher, administrator, room mom, or proud neighbor, you can reward the students in your life for another year of hard work. Book a skating party at Funcity Sk8 and watch those diligent expressions become smiles of joy. We offer group rates, private party tables, and private events at our Webster family fun center. Let us do all the work to reward your kids for a stellar school year! We’ll take care of the entertainment, the setup and cleanup, the food, the fun, and and extra supervision for your end of the year party. Watch your kids let loose on our skating floor, laser tag arena, and arcade center. Want to reward each student with a party favor or extra party tokens? Check out our list of party add ons to make your End of School event extraordinary.

Mobile Laser Tag

Why come to us when we can come to you? Mobile laser tag is perfect for school carnivals, field days, P.E. classes, and honor student parties. How does it work? For $299.99 we’ll bring 16 realistic weapons and tactical gear, cover blinds, and a dedicated Gaming Captain. Your kids will have a blast thinking their way through tactical laser tag competitions like Capture the Flag, Domination, and Team Death Match. Want extra time, extra blinds, or extra gear? Simply ask for it as an add on when you book your private laser tag party.

For more information on public and private skate events call Funcity Sk8 and Play.

Student Reading

Tips for Learning How to Skate

Some kids learn to skate when they’re half the height of a Skate Mate. Other people don’t learn to skate until they’re well into adulthood. But it’s never too late to learn to skate! Ready for a fun family outing, stress-free fitness routine, or entertainment-included birthday celebration? Sign up the family for roller-skating lessons at Funcity Sk8 and Play.

Tips for Skating Lessons

  1. skate lessonsDress for success. If you’re wearing stiff jeans and a dressy top, you’re at the wrong lesson. Skating requires freedom of movement. Wear tight, stretchy workout gear or loose, comfortable clothing (make sure the extra fabric won’t catch or restrict your movements).
  2. Listen up. Your instructor knows what’s up. Pay close attention to your instructor’s lesson, or you may miss something that could’ve stopped that nasty spill.
  3. Speak your mind. If you’re struggling during a skating lesson, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  4. Be safe. Not only does taking risks put you in danger, it endangers other skaters as well.
  5. Have fun. No, you won’t be an Olympic speed skater your first time in the rink. But if you have fun and keep trying, you’ll master those wheels in no time.

Learn to Roller-Skate

Get rolling with Tuesday and Sunday skating lessons at Funcity. Each lesson includes group and individual instruction from our experienced skating instructor. Students will learn the fundamentals of skating, including balance, forward motion, stopping and standing still, skating games, and proper safety techniques and rink etiquette. Skating lessons include 4 classes, free admission to the session after class, and a brand new pair of roller-skates for each child to take home.

Want to learn about summer skate camps or adult skating lessons? Give us a call at Funcity Sk8 and Play.

The Office That Plays Together…

It seems that whenever the weather heats up, so does business. Whether you’re in engineering or administration, retail or PR, the spring rush hits hard. As work gets busier and office tensions run higher, it’s important to refocus on the heart of the company: its employees.

Team Building Events in Houston

happy business man and womanCorporate team building days let team members take a step back and reconnect with the people around them. Giving employees the opportunity to have fun together limits stress at work, building stronger camaraderie and helping everyone become stronger employees. Studies show that team building days increase productivity and promote office culture, keeping your team happier during times of high stress. That’s right: team play days give you a better bottom line.

Corporate Events at Funcity Sk8

The office that plays together stays together! Funcity’s facilities are perfect for your next corporate event. Our 23,000 square feet facility features an air conditioned skating rink and arcade, an indoor and outdoor laser tag arena, a state of the art sound system and drop down TV’s for team building presentations, and a cafe full of your favorite finger foods. Divide into teams and watch your office outdo each other in skate limbo, relay races, and other fun team building games. Want to really strengthen that bond? Ask your employees to bring their kids and spouses! You’ll be amazed at how much brighter the office feels on Monday morning.

Reinvigorate your office culture with a team building day of skating, laser tag, and team competitions. Book your next corporate event at Funcity Sk8.

Office Fun

Easter Skating, Hopping Through!

Celebrate a season of renewal, family, and fantastic fun at Funcity Sk8 this Easter. Our schedule is stuffed with Easter activities like our Good Friday Skate, Rodeo Roundup Skate, weekend skating events, and Easter Sunday celebrations.

Good Friday Skate

good friday skatingParents have a lot to do to prepare for Easter weekend. There are baskets to buy, eggs to stuff, meals to prepare, and life lessons to teach. Let the kids have a good time while you prepare for Easter dinner. Funcity Sk8 has clean, family-oriented, supervised facilities so your kids can enjoy their school holiday while you check off your holiday to do list. Don’t miss the Easter Break Good Friday Skate on March 25th from 11am-4pm. Admission is $8, skate rentals are $3.50. Come before noon and get a free slice of pizza and drink with paid admission.

Rodeo Roundup Skate

The Rodeo Roundup is a time honored tradition at Funcity Sk8. Your out of town guests will love this little taste of the heart of Texas. Show off your cowboy skills during our Balloon Stampede, Lasso Toss, Beanbag Boot Toss, and Quick Draw Laser Tag Games. The best dressed cowboy or cowgirl will receive a special prize! The Rodeo Roundup rides into town Friday, March 25th from 7-11:30pm.

Easter Sunday Skating

After a full Saturday of family fun, we’re closing our doors to celebrate Easter lunch with our families. But don’t worry, we’ll be back! Work off that Easter candy at Sunday Advance Skate Night. Skate 8pm-12am for just $8 (rentals $2).

It’s time to play! For more information on spring skating events, call Funcity Sk8 and Play.

The Rules of the Rink

traffic signalsRoller-skating is a lot of fun. Not only does it allow kids to stay active and push their own limits, it lets them be social, hanging out with friends and family while they skate to their favorite songs. But for some kids, it’s easy to get swept up in the energy of skating. If your kids are pumped for their next skating birthday party, family skate day, or holiday event, help them brush up on skating etiquette.

Roller-Skating Etiquette

  1. Know your skill level. Just like actual roads have laws, skating rinks have unspoken rules to help everyone stay safe and happy. Beginner skaters stick to the sides, where they can grip the wall for support as they master their skates. Experienced skaters veer towards the middle, where they can show off top speeds and cool tricks without injuring smaller kids.
  2. Follow the herd. This may be bad advice for peer pressure situations, but it prevents a lot of injuries when it comes to roller-skating. Skate in the same direction as other skaters on the floor to prevent a painful pileup.
  3. Break up with your friends. Two or three kids skating together makes for a fun evening. Five or six makes other skaters dive out of the way. Unless the skating floor is empty, stick to smaller groups out of consideration for your fellow skaters.
  4. Listen to the DJ. Because he’s awesome. Okay, okay. You should also listen to the DJ because ignoring announcements could cause trouble. If the DJ says to clear the floor, don’t keep skating. Otherwise you might get swept up in a game of skate limbo (or get swept away by the cleaning crew).

Ready to roll? Funcity Sk8 and Play has a full calendar of spring family events. Call our Houston skating center to learn more about upcoming sessions.

Traffic Light

Rodeo Roundup Skate

Saddle up, partner! This here’s the best rodeo in town. We’re kicking off spring break skating with our annual Funcity Rodeo Roundup Skate.

Houston Rodeo Roundup Skate

rodeo roundup skateFuncity takes skating to the wild west with games, prizes, costumes, and more. Let out your inner Texan as we hearken back to our roots (and look forward to a fun-filled future). Whether you’re hitting the Houston rodeo this year or getting into the spirit with your favorite Westerns and a homemade lasso, you’re just the country kid for our Rodeo Roundup Skate. Don your chaps and boots and brush up on your hogtying skills. The Rodeo Roundup bucks into Funcity Sk8 and Play on Friday, March 11th from 7-11:30pm.

Rodeo Fun for Houston Families

Unleash your inner rodeo champ! The Rodeo Roundup is full of kid-friendly fun, including games, prizes, costume contests, snack specials, and more. Buy bundle admission and get unlimited skating, a game of laser tag, a slice of pizza, and a drink for just $12. Bring your own skates or rent ‘em for $3.50. In addition to skating and laser tag fun, our Rodeo Roundup Skate will feature:

  • Contest for the Best Dressed Cowboy or Cowgirl
  • Balloon Stampede
  • Lasso Toss
  • Beanbag Boot Toss
  • Quick Draw Laser Tag

Who’s the sharpest skater in the Wild West? Our money’s on you!

In Houston, nothing says “family fun” like a rodeo! Don’t miss our Rodeo Roundup Skate, matinee skate events, and Movie Ticket Giveaway this spring break. For more information on Houston family roller-skating, call Funcity Sk8 and Play.

Spring Break Fun 2016!

Your kids have worked hard to succeed in school this year. Some days it seems like there’s no end to the homework, tutoring, and extracurriculars on your family’s schedule. But the end is in sight! Reward your kids for a semester of good behavior with spring break events at Funcity Sk8.

Spring Break Skating

spring break scheduleIt’s every parent’s nightmare to come home from work during a school holiday to find their kids planted in front of the TV, where they’ve been playing video games all day. Mindless electronics aren’t the only way for kids to have fun. Get them active with family-friendly fun near Houston. We have arcade games, laser tag, and roller-skating fun for kids of all ages. Bring the whole family or drop them off for supervised fun during our spring break sessions.

Spring Break Matinee

Just $8 gets kids unlimited skating from 11am-5pm. Arrive before noon and get FREE LUNCH. The kids can use up that extra energy in an afternoon game of laser tag.

Dollar Night Deals

Want to get the whole family in on the fun? Dollar Night is the perfect time for moms and dads to reconnect with their kids, making memories that will last a lifetime. For just $1, each skater can play from 6-10pm. That’s just 25 cents per hour! Score extra deals like $1 pizza and $1 drinks.

Superhero Movie Ticket Giveaway

Batman or Superman? It doesn’t matter if you win FREE TICKETS to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Come in costume or incognito, but get ready to skate, play, and enter to win!

Weekend Roller-Skating

  • Don’t miss a full weekend of family fun.
  • Saturday Skate and Laser tag from 1-9pm
  • Saturday Night Adult BYOB from 9:30pm-1am
  • Sunday Afternoon Fun from 1:30-5pm
  • Sunday Night Advanced Skate from 8pm-12am

Spring break family fun rolls into Webster starting Friday, March 11th. To learn more about kids spring break events, call Funcity Sk8.

Your Party, Your Way

Your birthday party should be everything you want and more. Skaters can celebrate in style at Funcity Sk8 and Play. We take care to make every party extraordinary, but that doesn’t mean that every party is the same! Check out our birthday party packages and plan the best birthday party ever.

Skating Parties near Houston

birthday giftYou don’t have to break the bank to throw the best birthday bash. At Funcity Sk8, we have party packages for every budget. Let us do all the work while you have all the fun! Book an Extreme Party or Ultimate Party and get 2 hours of nonstop celebration. Add exclusive add ons like laser tag, party favors, pizza and soda, and silly fun like fluorescent hair spray. When it’s all done, just round up the kids and post the pictures to Facebook. We take care of cleanup so you don’t have to.

Private Party Venues

Book a private skating party, and the possibilities are endless! Invite the entire neighborhood for your kid’s first skating party, let your teen embrace retro fun with a themed throwback bash for her birthday, or plan a night of grown up fun with BYOB adult parties. Private parties include:

  • 50 guests
  • 2 hours of private skating
  • Party hostess
  • 5 large pizzas
  • 5 pitchers of soda
  • Dedicated DJ
  • Skate rentals
  • Invitations
  • Plates to serve cake
  • Special rates on food packages for partygoers

Mobile Laser Tag Birthday Parties

Don’t want to trek to Funcity Sk8 and Play for your birthday party? With mobile laser tag, we bring the party to you! All you need to worry about is how to win. Our Crossfire birthday parties include gear, cover blinds, a gaming captain, and 1 hour of intense battle as you fight to win Domination, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, and other laser tag tactical games. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Add additional guns, playtime, or cover blinds to make your laser tag birthday party perfect.

Planning your next birthday party is easier than ever. Book your event online or call Funcity Sk8 and Play for more details.

Birthday Party Image

Don Your Capes!

When darkness falls, when villains destroy, a true hero will rise above the rest to serve and protect. But when heroes turn against heroes, where do we turn? To the Dark Knight or the Man of Steel? Pick a side at Funcity’s Batman vs. Superman Superhero Skate.

Batman vs. Superman Movie Ticket Giveaway

superhero skateJustice has a name. But does all justice look the same? This March, superheroes turn against one another to fight for the fate of the people. What kind of hero do you need? Choose your superhero and take a chance to win free tickets to Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Dress up as your favorite superhero, whether it’s Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or The Flash. Justice is its own reward, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hand out prizes to the best caped crusader at the rink! Here’s what you need to know about our upcoming Superhero Skate:

  • Batman vs. Superman Ticket Giveaway Skate is Friday, March 18th from 7-11:30pm
  • Admission is $8, skate rentals are $3.50
  • $12 bundle deals include unlimited skating, a game of laser tag, and a pizza combo meal
  • Fight for your hero in the Bat vs. Supes Dodge Ball Challenge
  • Channel your inner Oracle in the Super Trivia Quiz
  • Shake out those capes for Funcity Sk8’s Superhero Costume Contest
  • Enter to win a free ticket to Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Pick a side and play.

To learn more about special events and family fun in Webster, TX, call Funcity Sk8 and Play.