Skating Sports: Intro to Roller Derby

For those who enjoy roller skating, moving about the rink in circles isn’t the only way to have fun. Others like to enjoy a more competitive atmosphere. A growing roller-skating sport is the sport of roller derby. Leagues are springing up around the globe for these competitive skaters.

Roller Derby

Roller derby involves a pair of five-member teams. The skaters compete against each other in a series of jams, where members score points by lapping opposing team members. Usually both teams have a jammer, the fastest skater, who gets whipped out in front in an effort to overtake other skaters. The rest of the team tries to hinder the opposing jammer, effectively playing defense while the jammer tries to score on offense.

There are many all-female leagues both nationally and internationally these days. Roller Derby is being considered as a sport for the 2020 Summer Olympics.Roller Derby Bout Wellington's Richter City All Stars vs. Sydney's Assassins at the TSB Bank Arena on March 19, 2011. My first roller derby bout. Among the governing bodies of roller derby is the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) which has nearly 250 full member leagues around the world.

Funcity Sk8 & Play loves supporting local skaters interested in roller derby. Our 23,000-square foot facility in Webster is a popular family entertainment venue, which supports many local events, including roller derby leagues in Houston and Webster. We provide appropriate skating equipment like derby skates, and offer group rates and private sessions to team members looking to practice.

Are you interested in roller skating and competitive skating sports? Call Funcity Sk8 and Play to learn more about how you can get involved.