How to Get the Most Out of Skating Lessons

It’s officially summer vacation! What does that mean? More time for roller-skating, laser tag, and family game nights at Funcity Sk8. It also means there’s finally time to brush up on your skating skills (or master your wheels for the first time). Make the most of skate lessons this summer!

Funcity Sk8 Summer Lessons

funcity sk8Sometimes do-it-yourself ends in disaster. If you’re feeling unsure on your wheels, the best way to gain confidence and skill is to sign up for skating lessons. Funcity Sk8 has weekly skate lessons for kids in Webster. We also offer roller-skating lessons for adults. Our professional skate instructor will teach you the basics of safety, standing, movement, balance, speed, stopping, games, tricks, and more. Classes include one month of sessions on Tuesday nights or Sunday afternoons. Students will receive a new pair of roller-skates with their skating lessons.

How to Prepare for Skate Lessons

  1. Dress appropriately. Loose, comfortable clothing or fitted, stretchy exercise gear is appropriate skating lesson attire. And don’t forget your favorite socks!
  2. Come early. Give yourself time to stow your phone, check the fit of your skates, and settle in before the start of the lesson.
  3. Meet your instructor. You’ll feel more comfortable asking for help during your lesson if you introduce yourself beforehand.
  4. Come ready to learn. You won’t get much out of the class if you can’t take instruction. Come ready to focus, try hard, and ask for help if you need it.

Call Funcity Sk8 and Play to sign up for summer skate lessons.