Donkey Kong Turns 35!

Before there was Halo (or even the Xbox), there was a golden age of video games. Frogger, pacman, Donkey Kong, and Mario ruled this era of arcade games, Playstations, and Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems. Relive the glory days with Retro Game Night at Funcity Sk8 and Play.

Donkey Kong’s 35th Anniversary

retro game skate nightKids today might have their fancy graphics and in-game stories, but we’re harkening back to a simpler time, when every video game was cutting edge and every gamer pushed the boundaries. July 9th marks the 35th Anniversary of Donkey Kong, and we couldn’t let one of our favorite retro games go uncelebrated! Flex those fingers and grab your hammer. You’ll need to make it past Donkey Kong to save the princess.

Old school gamers, let’s show ‘em how it’s done.

Retro Game Night at Funcity Sk8

In celebration of Donkey Kong’s 1981 release, we’re transforming the rink into a haven for retro gaming systems and old school arcade games. Video game veterans and new players alike are invited to celebrate Donkey Kong’s birthday with us on Friday, July 8th.

  • Skate for $8, rent skates for $3.50, and get a bundle deal with pizza and laser tag for $12
  • Play retro arcade games
  • Beat old school consoles like N64, PS2, and SNES
  • Demolish Tetris Tots at the snack bar (yes, they’re actually tater tots shaped like tetris pieces!)
  • Give Donkey Kong a tower of tater tots for his final stand with the Tallest Tower Tournament
  • Whoever stacks the tallest tower wins a prize!
  • Was your tower in the top 3? Whoever eats their tower the fastest winds a 2nd prize

Let’s party like it’s 1981! To learn more about Retro Game Night and other summer events in Webster, call Funcity Sk8.