The Best Things in Life Are Free!

At Funcity Sk8, we believe in the power of fun. Anything that gets kids active, learning new things, and laughing with their friends is a win in our book! That’s why we partner with Kids Skate Free, a nationwide program dedicated to getting kids off the couch on onto their feet! Enjoy a new year of great fun for kids at Funcity Sk8 and Play.

Kids Skate Free in Webster

kids skate free logoIf you don’t know about this incredible program, you’re in for a real treat. Roller-skating encourages kids to become their best selves. Not only is regular exercise good for the mind and body, learning new skating tricks keeps kids engaged in their health and their community. Kids Skate Free partners with skating rinks across the country to teach kids the value of fitness and fun. Through this remarkable program, Funcity gives young kids of all backgrounds the chance to enjoy regular, healthy exercise with their friends and families.

Keeping Kids in Webster Active

How does it work? Sign up your kids aged 12 and younger for Kids Skate Free at Funcity Sk8. These passes are for skating only and can’t be used for meals, laser tag, or birthday parties. Don’t forget to teach your kids the importance of regular, fun-filled exercise. Then bring the family to our pass-approved skating sessions, and have a blast on our dime! We currently accept Kids Skate Free passes for the following sessions:

  • Friday (7-11:30pm)
  • Saturday (1-6pm)
  • Sunday (1:30-5pm)

To learn more about Kids Skate Free, monthly skating coupons, and holiday family fun, call Funcity Sk8 and Play in Webster, TX.