Wanna Keep Your Resolutions? Make Fitness Fun!

2016 fireworksIf you snuck a peek at your friends’ New Year’s Resolutions, chances are 75% of them have some form of fitness on their 2016 to-do list. But everyone knows that sticking to an exercise goal is a bigger challenge than getting an infant to sleep through the night. Funcity Sk8 is here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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How to Keep Fitness Resolutions

  1. Make a plan. If you spend December 31st telling yourself, “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow,” chances are it will never happen. Write down your fitness goals for the New Year, and make sure they’re realistic. Set mini-goals to achieve until you reach the big one. Schedule several workouts a week, but don’t expect fitness to take over your life, or you won’t stick with it long enough to work off that New Year’s bubbly.
  2. Make it fun. On January 1st, hoards of Houston residents will flood the local gym, intent on looking good for Valentine’s Day, spring break, or the far-off dream of summer vacation. By mid-February, almost 80% of New Year’s Resolution gym members will have stopped attending. So what’s the secret to sticking with it? Make fitness fun! You don’t have to waste away on the treadmill to get fit. Roller-skating builds muscles in the legs, glutes, and core in addition to being a great cardiovascular workout. Instead of joining the gym, resolve to visit Funcity Sk8 3 to 4 times a week.
  3. Bring a buddy. It’s easier to stay on track if someone is motivating you. Choose a fitness buddy, whether it’s your best friend, spouse, or kids. They’ll keep you motivated when life seems too busy for an hour or two at the rink.

Ready to reach your 2016 fitness goals? Visit Funcity Sk8 and Play for a workout you can stick with!

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