Calling All Homeschoolers!

Homeschoolers often get the fast-track to educational success. With the undivided attention of the teacher (yes, we mean you, mom!), as well as fewer distractions and more time to study, homeschool kids are generally a smart bunch. But the shortcoming of the homeschool method is a lack of socialization for the kids. Many homeschool parents spend years juggling homeschool programs, educational field trips, and more to help kids get out and experience the world.

Homeschool Skate

homeschool skateAt Funcity Sk8 and Play, we want kids to have the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and create lasting memories. Every second Wednesday of the month we host Homeschool Skate from 1-4pm. It’s the perfect way to keep kids active without a regular P.E. course. Kids can learn new skating tricks while they get a great cardiovascular workout. Parents are welcome to join (not only is roller-skating excellent for your legs, glutes, and core, it’s low-impact on your joints). Shake off the stuck-inside slumps with an afternoon of play at Funcity Sk8. Don’t want to waste an afternoon of learning? Teach your kids the science of skating, from gravity and inertia to the way skating works individual muscle groups. It’s even great for health courses, teaching kids the value of regular physical activity.

Homeschool Groups at Funcity Sk8

We welcome individual kids, families, and homeschool co-ops to Homeschool Skate. Make it a monthly event or just come when it fits your schedule. Admission is just $5, rentals included! We also make it easy for homeschoolers to celebrate birthdays and other special events with their friends. Simply book your party during our Wednesday homeschool slot. In addition to all the amenities offered with our birthday party packages, we allow party guests to bring in cupcakes or cookies to make the celebration more special than ever!

Want to learn more about skating education in Webster, TX? Give Funcity Sk8 a call!