Get in Shape. Roller-Skate!

girl lifting kettlebell at gymFor many folks in Houston, nothing is more daunting than gym day. Whether you roll out of bed at 6am to find your gym bag or swing by the gym after a long day at work, your energy drains away before you even step through the door. Fitness gurus advise people to find a fun activity to stay in shape, but with the sweltering heat of summer and the high cost of dance fitness classes, what are people to do?

Funcity Sk8 and Play helps you get in shape without the stress and sweat. Stop by any of our summer skating sessions for an activity that keeps you happy while you get healthy.

3 Tips for a Better Skating Workout

  1. Dress comfortably. Strapping on roller-skates doesn’t make it any less of a workout. Dress for an active afternoon with stretchy pants and a loose-fitting shirt. You’ll work twice as hard (and have twice as much fun).
  2. Bring a buddy. Whether you’re skating with your neighbor, your best friend, or your kids, having a fitness buddy around makes getting in shape a breeze. Pack the whole family into the car for Tuesday and Thursday DOLLAR NIGHT or coax your best friend out for Wednesday Afternoon Matinee.
  3. Find your inner kid. Do you wish you could exercise without feeling bored, achy, and exhausted? Remember what it was like to be a kid! Join into Funcity’s skate races and limbo competitions, learn some new skating tricks, and increase your cardio workout by weaving, bobbing, and squatting around the skating floor.

Want to learn more about roller-skating as fitness? Call Funcity Sk8 and Play to learn about fun fitness in Houston, TX.

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