Skate Your Way to a Healthier Workplace

The work blues can sneak up on people no matter how much they love their jobs. More and more companies counteract the negative effects of cubicle life by promoting employee fitness. And what better way to engage your office than with a day of play at Funcity Sk8?

Encouraging Employee Health

working man sleeping on benchMay is National Employee Health & Fitness Month, an event that educates leaders about the benefits of employee wellness and encourages companies to develop work health programs. Employees who eat well and stay active are more likely to live longer, live better, and work more productively. Studies show that:

  • Team fitness keeps employees more engaged in the office culture
  • Exercise improves moods and increases focus
  • Regular activity relieves stress
  • Physical fitness keeps employees healthier, reducing absenteeism and lowering employer healthcare costs

Health Benefits of Roller Skating

Not only is roller-skating a whole lot of fun, it’s excellent exercise, too. Roller-skating is a low-impact cardiovascular workout that improves heart health and helps build muscle. In just an hour of moderate roller skating, the average person can burn upwards of 350 calories. Think of the possibilities when you throw JAM skating, skating aerobics, and team building relay races into the mix! Roller-skating builds muscles in the legs, glutes, and core, giving your employees a well-rounded workout. Pump up your favorite tunes, add a few healthy snacks, and your team will become fitness gurus in no time!

Encourage your employees to live a healthier lifestyle. Book a corporate outing at Funcity Sk8 and Play.

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