7 Reasons Kids Love All Night Skate

teens chatting on phonesIt’s been a long school year, but summer is almost here! That means another season of swimming, exploring, and fun-out-of-the-sun at your favorite Houston family entertainment center. Start off the summer with dusk to dawn fun at the annual All Night Skate Party at Funcity Sk8 and Play!

7 Reasons Kids Love Funcity Lock-ins

  1. Skate all night. The party doesn’t stop until you say it does! No more arguing with mom and dad when the clock strikes ten. Turn it up with your favorite top 40’s tunes and show off your best moves!
  2. Dance til dawn. Ready for something new? We’re putting the “rock” back in “rock n’ roll!” Strut your stuff in Funcity’s All Night Skate Party dance contest. We’ve got the beats, whether you love Jam Skating or using your own two feet.
  3. Hot competition. Battle it out in an epic midnight battle in the laser tag arena or push your speed to new limits in a Funcity skate race. We’ve even got your favorite gaming systems for X-box and PS3 duels. Let the best player emerge victorious!
  4. Prizes. What’s the point of winning if you don’t get a prize? When you come down from the thrill of victory, there’s more to come! Funcity Sk8 and Play has plenty of prizes to give away during our summer lock-in. Win snacks, candy, skating accessories, and more!
  5. Wrap the rink. Where can you T.P. someone’s place without getting in trouble? Funcity Sk8! Don’t go to sleep before we break out the toilet paper and get rolling. Wrap the rink is a time honored tradition you won’t find anywhere else in town!
  6. All you can eat. Who can say no to late night pizza? Eat your fill of hot, cheesy goodness from 7-8:30pm. Still hungry? Enjoy drinks, snacks, and Funcity’s complimentary breakfast!
  7. Get the rink to yourself. Funcity Sk8 and Play is closed for Memorial Day, so the teens at the All Night Skate Party will have free reign on the rink! Skate all night next Sunday, May 24th. You’re the only one who will get the chance!

Get ready for a night unlike any other. Tickets for the All Night Skate Party are on sale now!

photo from FreeDigitalPhotos