Learn to Skate at Funcity

Learning to roller-skate is one of the most thrilling experiences of a kid’s life. But for many kids, it’s as terrifying as their first time on a bike without training wheels. If you have a little one who’s shaky on their skates, have no fear! Funcity’s summer skate lessons teach Houston kids the skating fundamentals, from proper safety and balance to the best ways to have fun. Don’t wait to learn to skate!

Why Sign Up for Summer Skate Lessons?

  • roller-skating houstonGive your kids a fun activity to anticipate
  • Keep your little ones active and out of the heat
  • Give your youngest skaters renewed confidence on the skating floor
  • Teach your family to stay safe while they play
  • Brush up on the skating basics before a roller-skating birthday party
  • Let your kids learn a valuable skill and walk away with a brand new pair of roller-skates

Summer Skate Lessons in Houston

Funcity Sk8 and Play welcomes kids to the fun, relaxed atmosphere of our summer skate lessons. Each class is led by a skating pro, experienced in teaching kids to overcome their fears (and their desire to show off!) and learn how to roller-skate safely. Lessons will include personalized tips on how to stay balanced, stand still on skates, stop and go, adjust skating speed, play roller-skating games, and much more. Here’s what you need to know about summer skating courses:

  • Skate lessons take place on Sunday afternoons from 12:15-1pm
  • The $75 fee includes 4 skate lessons, free admission to Sunday afternoon sessions (KidzPit is extra), and a brand new pair of roller-skates (additional $15 fee for sizes 4 and up)
  • As long as there are kids who love skating, we’ll have another skate class on the horizon!
  • Sign up 2 weeks in advance to guarantee your spot

Stop worrying about your kids during crowded skating sessions. Sign them up for summer skate lessons and give them the skills needed to have a great (and safe!) time. For more information on Houston skate lessons, call Funcity Sk8.