MLK Fun at Funcity Sk8

american flagWhen kids see “school holiday” on the calendar, they think one thing: FREEEEDOM! For parents it’s slightly different: “Am I off work that day?” “What errands have I been putting off?” “I’d love to spend the day with the kids.”

Funcity Sk8 and Play makes school holidays easy and fun. Load up the car for a full day of family play or drop off the kids while you finish those chores you’ve been putting off since Christmas. We have 5 full hours of skating, laser tag, and arcade games to keep the kids going this MLK Day.

Family Skating

Ready for a full day of family fun? Get the kids off the couch for a day of interactive play! On January 18th, 5 hours of roller-skating is just $8. Kids and parents of all ages are welcome to skate to their favorite songs, brush up on their roller-skating skills, and spend quality time with friends and family. Skate rentals are $3.50, or wear the skates you got for Christmas! We have a full selection of skates and skating accessories for kids interested in taking up a new sport. Our special MLK Day school holiday skate goes from 11am to 4pm. Don’t miss it!

Laser Tag

Do you love thinking about strategy? Do you prefer action-oriented sports to roller-skating? Do you love skating, but want a chance to show your brother you’re the better sharpshooter? Don’t miss tactical laser tag at our MLK Day school holiday. Games are just $2 per person!

Don’t miss the fun of MLK Day skating on January 18th. To learn more about weekly skating sessions, school holiday skates, and skate events in Houston, call Funcity Sk8 and Play.