The Road to Excellence

Funcity Sk8 keeps our skate rentals in tip top shape, clean and ready for each skating session. But what happens when you’re ready to take your skating to the next level? Learn everything you need to know about buying your own roller-skates in this handy guide.

Why Buy Your Own Skates?

  • Roller-Skating Field Trip.Custom Skates. If you’ve been skating for any amount of time, you know that different skates give you different performance levels. We’re not just talking about quad skates vs. inline skates. Skaters can buy speed skates, jam skates, and roller-skates with customized levels of maneuverability. If you’re ready to take your skating game to the next level, stop by our pro shop to learn about different boots, bearings, and wheels.
  • Comfort. In addition to saving money on weekly skate rentals, owning your own skates improves fit and comfort. As with any shoe, skating boots mold to your foot over time, giving you an edge over skaters who rent their wheels each week.
  • Style. If you’re putting money toward roller-skates, why not make a statement? We carry boots, laces, and wheels in a variety of colors and prints. Skating isn’t just about showing off your moves, but about showing off personal style, too.
  • Lessons. Did you know that when you sign up your child for skate lessons, skates are part of the package? If you’re concerned about your kid outgrowing his roller-skates, bundle it with lessons on safety, balance, and mobility. Your child will skate better, and you’ll feel better about spending the money on new wheels.

Want to learn more about buying roller-skates in Webster, TX? Ask the experts at Funcity Sk8 and Play.