New X-TREME Friday Nights

Think you know what Funcity Sk8 has to offer? Think again! Our Fridays are going bigger, bolder, and more X-treme. We’re introducing more games, more contests, and more prizes to create an event your friends will be talking about all summer. Are you ready to go X-treme?

Games and Prizes

xtreme friday skateThrow your expectations out the window. The competition heats up at our new X-treme Sk8 Fridays. Test your skills with arcade racer games, shooting games, old school arcade games, and more. When you’re done beating the odds at the crane game, team up with your friends for a game of air hockey. Win tickets and score big with exclusive prizes from the Stuff Shop. Prefer games that keep you on your toes? We’re rolling out a whole new selection of skating games, from classics like Red Light, Green Light to games that will have you pushing the limits of your skating skills. What will you win? You have to play to find out!

Skate Races

Do you have a need for speed? Test your hairpin turns and aerodynamics with a little friendly competition. We’re pushing the limits each Friday night with all new skate races. Whether you like team building relay races or showing off your solo skills during a free-for-all skate race, it’s time to fight for first place. Winners will get an exclusive prize to match their shiny, new bragging rights.

Friday nights may be X-treme, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Call Funcity Sk8 and Play to learn about weekly summer skating, laser tag, and special events in Webster.