We’ll Bring the Party to You!

Why bring yourself to the party when we could bring the party to you? Funcity Sk8 and Play offers mobile laser tag for added convenience and fun. It’s perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, and school carnivals in Houston.

Get Your Gameface On

kids playing laser tagReady . . . aim . . . fire up the candles! Tactical laser tag brings people together for a day of play, allowing kids (and grown-up kids) to compete, bond, and bring their team glory. Our realistic weapons, intense tactical scenarios, and experienced team leaders immerse players in a world of live action missions and tactical team building. Mobile laser tag makes it easy for kids to celebrate with their classmates on school field days, for offices to host corporate days without spending a full day away from work, and for parents throw unbeatable birthday parties without ever leaving home. The mission starts now!

Crossfire Mobile Laser Tag

Our mobile laser tag rig includes everything you need for a full afternoon of war games. Play team advantage and free-for-all battle simulation games like Domination, Team Death Match, and Capture the Flag. Our $299.99 package includes:

  • 12 laser guns
  • 1 hour of play
  • An experienced gaming captain
  • 10 cover blinds for tactical play

Add-ons are available for extra guns, extra gear, extra play time, and extreme laser tag in our inflatable arena. Price will include an additional fuel charge for parties farther than 25 miles away.

Gear up! Play Crossfire your way with mobile laser tag in Houston. Call Funcity Sk8 and Play for more details.

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