Tips for Learning How to Skate

Some kids learn to skate when they’re half the height of a Skate Mate. Other people don’t learn to skate until they’re well into adulthood. But it’s never too late to learn to skate! Ready for a fun family outing, stress-free fitness routine, or entertainment-included birthday celebration? Sign up the family for roller-skating lessons at Funcity Sk8 and Play.

Tips for Skating Lessons

  1. skate lessonsDress for success. If you’re wearing stiff jeans and a dressy top, you’re at the wrong lesson. Skating requires freedom of movement. Wear tight, stretchy workout gear or loose, comfortable clothing (make sure the extra fabric won’t catch or restrict your movements).
  2. Listen up. Your instructor knows what’s up. Pay close attention to your instructor’s lesson, or you may miss something that could’ve stopped that nasty spill.
  3. Speak your mind. If you’re struggling during a skating lesson, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  4. Be safe. Not only does taking risks put you in danger, it endangers other skaters as well.
  5. Have fun. No, you won’t be an Olympic speed skater your first time in the rink. But if you have fun and keep trying, you’ll master those wheels in no time.

Learn to Roller-Skate

Get rolling with Tuesday and Sunday skating lessons at Funcity. Each lesson includes group and individual instruction from our experienced skating instructor. Students will learn the fundamentals of skating, including balance, forward motion, stopping and standing still, skating games, and proper safety techniques and rink etiquette. Skating lessons include 4 classes, free admission to the session after class, and a brand new pair of roller-skates for each child to take home.

Want to learn about summer skate camps or adult skating lessons? Give us a call at Funcity Sk8 and Play.