Party Ideas for Houston Teens

girl with birthday presentsAt one point or another, every parent feels like they’re just not connecting with their teen. Kids just want to have fun, but sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between fun, over, and retro. A roller-skating birthday party is perfect for kids of all ages, teens included! As you’re planning your little adult’s next birthday celebration, keep these ideas in mind.

3 Teen Birthday Party Ideas at Funcity Sk8

  1. All about that theme. Worried that your teen will find a roller-skating party passe? Pick a theme and watch the fun begin! Plan a party based around your kid’s favorite book or movie (zombies are in right now!), embrace old school fun with a retro throwback party, or make it a Glow Party and watch your teen light up as she signs her best friend’s shirt in neon sharpies. The sky’s the limit!
  2. Turn it up with laser tag. Some teens dart from one activity to the next with barely a moment’s breath. Want to make sure there’s no end to the fun? Plan a Friday night birthday party and enjoy roller-skating, arcade games, and laser tag. Make it a free-for-all and hand out prizes to the winners of each game or play teams and give the victors first dibs on pizza. You can’t go wrong with a Crossfire Laser Tag party.
  3. Host the skating Olympics. You don’t have to wait until 2016 to watch the Summer Olympics. Crank up the competition for your teen’s birthday party this year. We’ll help you plan skate races, laser tag competitions, and fun games like roller-skating limbo. Give out a gold medal (or an extra slice of cake) to the winner!

Book your teen’s birthday party at Funcity Sk8. We have public and private parties, roller-skating and laser tag events, and a long list of add-ons to make your celebration truly special.

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