Happy Thanksgiving from Funcity Sk8!

The Thanksgiving holidays have finally arrived! We know kids are bounding with energy this week, while their parents try to keep up with their enthusiasm over the school break. But there are a million different reasons to be grateful this week. Here are a few of our favorites.

Why Funcity Sk8 is Thankful this Week

  1. thanksgiving scheduleA week of rest and relaxation. For some people that means calling in the calvary while you tackle a 20 lb turkey. For others that means exploring a new hiking trail with your kids. For the Funcity Sk8 team, R&R means enjoying all the exciting moments at our family fun center this holiday season. We love seeing smiles light up kids’ faces when they come skating with their families. If you’re looking for a fun family activity to keep the kids off the couch, don’t miss our Thanksgiving week skate events.
  2. The Webster community. We’re forever grateful that our jobs mean sharing awesome memories with our neighbors in Webster. Nothing beats seeing families skate their favorite cheap skating night for the fifth week in a row, watching a new skater master his wheels for the first time, or meeting new members of the Webster community as they discover our wholesome skate and laser tag center.
  3. Our friends and family. We love the people who stand by us every day. Our facility is closed Thanksgiving day so that our staff can celebrate the holidays with the people they love. After they soak up the good feelings and silly stories of their holiday crew, they’ll return with festive energy to spare!

Happy Thanksgiving, Webster!