Finding Your Feet

roller-skating houstonThere’s nothing worse than missing out on the birthday parties, holiday events, and weekly skating sessions at Funcity because you don’t know how to skate. We want to make it as easy as possible for the kids, teens, and adults of Houston to learn how to roller-skate, so they can stop feeling left out of school skate parties and BYOB adult skating events. Whether want to try roller-skating for the first time, you haven’t skated in years, or you just want to work on your balance and technique, Funcity Sk8 lessons are here to help.

Skating 101

When you first begin roller-skating, it’s important to come prepared. Wear loose, moveable clothing that won’t catch if you fall. For added safety, consider wearing protective pads and elbow guards until you’re sure on your skates. Here are a few other tips for learning how to roller-skate:

  • Begin with skating lessons with an experienced skate instructor
  • Practice safe falling on the carpet, using your knees to catch you instead of your hands (which could lead to wrist injury)
  • When you venture onto the roller-skating floor, stick to the wall until you’re comfortable keeping your balance
  • Skate with a friend for emotional and physical support
  • Go your own pace, even if your skating buddy is a faster skater
  • Remember: roller-skating is fun!

Beginner Skating Lessons

Funcity Sk8 offers beginner roller-skating lessons for Houston skaters. Our busy weekend skating sessions let kids brush up on their skating basics just in time for our Sunday afternoon Learn to Skate Class. The Fun begins at 12:15 and wraps up at 1pm. Sign up your child for a full monthly of classes for just $65 and receive a free pair of roller-skates when he or she completes the course. Call Funcity to learn about times and prices for adult beginner roller-skating lessons.