All Dressed Up and Ready to Skate

kids halloween costumeSpooky skating rolls into Funcity this Halloween weekend. From Friday Fright Night to Spooktacular Saturday, it’s going to be nonstop games, prizes, costume contests, and creepy crawly fun. But it wouldn’t be Halloween without some killer costumes. Get inspired by easy Halloween costumes you can create right in your own home.

Easy Halloween Costume DIYs

  • Scarecrow. Looking for a classic Halloween costume that will knock everyone’s socks off? Wear an oversized flannel shirt and patched jeans, stuff the extra space with plastic bags, and tie pieces of rope around your ankles, wrists, and waist. Stuff bits of straw through button holes and around your wrists and ankles. Ready to really go for it? Paint a triangle on your nose, rosy circles on your cheeks, and a bright smile on your mouth. Grab a straw hat and you’re good to go!
  • Throwback Rock Star. Snag a grunge, neon, or metal t-shirt from the closet. Wear ripped up jeans. Grab a fake guitar, and style your hair for the appropriate decade (friz is always a rock star winner). Congrats, you’re ready to rock!
  • Throwback Anything. Raid the attic. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.
  • Rubik’s Cube. Cut arm, leg, and head holes into a cardboard box. Paint brightly colored squares at random, and pair it with snug, black clothing.
  • Bubble bath. Wear a skin colored shirt and leggings. Blow up white balloons and put them in a clear plastic bag to wear around your waist. Wear bathroom slippers, grab a scrub brush, and throw a towel over your shoulder. For extra fun, practice your most surprised, “get out of here!” expression in the mirror.
  • Princess. You don’t have to go all out to be gorgeous. Wear your favorite dress, make a tiara out of tin foil, and you’re ready to rule.

You’re all dressed up . . . now find somewhere to go! Enter the Funcity Sk8 costume contests during both of our Halloween weekend skate events.

Halloween Costume Image from Flickr