3 Reasons to Love National Roller-Skating Month

It’s our favorite time of the year. Not only do we get to celebrate Halloween this month, the powers that be have also dedicated October to a celebration of all things roller-skates. It’s National Roller-Skating month! Why should you celebrate?

3 Reasons to Celebrate National Roller-Skating Month

  1. roller skate rentalsSkating is fun. After all, there’s a reason it’s been popular for over a century. And now roller-skating is more fun than ever. With skating parties, top 40’s, and fun games like skate limbo to keep you occupied, you won’t even need laser tag (but we can’t deny that CROSSFIRE takes Friday night skating to a whole new level). Try out new tricks, jump into the world of jam skating, or take it easy as you glide around the rink. As long as you’re safe, there’s no wrong way to skate!
  2. It builds the community. Funcity Sk8 and Play is kid and parent approved. With fun seasonal events like the New Year’s lock-in, kids have the opportunity to explore their independence under the watchful eye of our staff. Whether they’re skating all night with their peers or rocking and rolling on the weekend with their family, skating is a great way for kids and teens to develop strong, healthy relationships. After all, quality time + fun and games = one unbeatable bonding experience.
  3. It’s great for your health. It’s hard to stay healthy. Too often exercise feels like another (torturous) checkbox on your daily to-do list. Roller-skating helps kids, adults, and families stay active while having a blast. It builds muscles in the legs, glutes, abs, and even arms while providing an excellent cardiovascular workout. Not only that, but it’s also easy on the joints! No wonder experts list roller-skating as a top workout for cardiovascular health.

Ready to rock n’ roll? Tell us why you love skating when you visit Funcity Sk8 for National Roller-Skating month.