Where’s the Best Family Fun This Thanksgiving?

Every family has their own Thanksgiving traditions. Football games, Thanksgiving parades, and the standard “teasing anyone with a new significant other” are go-tos for many Houston families’ holiday celebrations. Other families prefer to donate their time and skills at food drives, outdo each other with meals fit to grace the cover of a cooking magazine, and rough house in the backyard while the turkey’s cooking. It should come as no surprise that our favorite holiday tradition is roller-skating with the people we love. Here’s why we think you’ll love it, too.

Roller-Skating Makes for Unbeatable Family Fun

thanksgiving skate scheduleAs much as we love the Thanksgiving season, sharing your blessings takes a lot of work. Whether you’re a busy cook who needs a break, a professional who wants to enjoy the time off with his family, or simply someone who needs to keep out-of-town relatives busy while you finish cleaning up, roller-skating is a great way to keep busy and have fun. Feed and entertain the kids this Thanksgiving week with our Monday-Wednesday Afternoon Special.

Roller-Skating Keeps Kids Active

We don’t care who you are, when the family holes up for the holidays, tensions start running high. Kids become balls of energy, parents get buried under their to-do lists, and out of town relatives go stir-crazy bunking with cousins they haven’t seen since the last holiday season. Skate off the stress (and that extra stuffing) with an evening of laughter and love at Funcity Sk8. We’re thanking our community by extending $$Dollar Deal$$ skating to Thursday night! Come skate Tuesday or Thursday from 6-10pm and get $1 admission, $1 pizza, and $1 drinks for everyone in your party! You won’t find anywhere else in Houston that has such incredible family fun for such a great price!

Are you ready to remember why you’re grateful for the people in your life? Take a break from planning the holidays and have a blast with the people you love! Call Funcity Sk8 to learn more about holiday roller-skating, laser tag, and Christmas skate sales.