Totally Rad Birthday, Dude!

90's skating party fashion

Ah, the 90’s. The era that brought us boy bands, slap bracelets, and scrunchies. A golden age of pop music and rollerblades that is quickly becoming a favorite theme for retro celebrations. If you’re tired of 80’s skating music and disco-themed decorations, throw a 90’s birthday bash at Funcity Sk8 and Play.

Why the 90’s?

The 90’s are a totally rad choice for a roller-skating birthday party. Kids will love the bright, bedazzled clothing and made-for-karaoke music that made the 90’s so much fun. College kids and 20-somethings will have a blast remembering their craziest combinations of neon clothes and jelly shoes from elementary school. Not to mention the rollerblading fad! If you weren’t wheeling around on inline skates in the 90’s, you weren’t having any fun. Relive the freedom and fun of our favorite 90’s trend by renting inline skates for all your partygoers and letting loose on the roller-skating floor.

How to Throw a 90’s Skating Party

With roller-skates strapped to your feet and 90’s pop stars playing through our speakers, you’re halfway to an outrageous 90’s throwback party. For a true 90’s birthday party, don’t forget:

  • Brightly colored costumes (with scrunchies for the girls!)
  • Rent inline skates instead of quad skates
  • Retro decorations like old video game consoles
  • Party favors like slap bracelets, ring pops, and bubble gum (check out the goodies in our Stuff Shop)
  • Trivia questions from the 90’s best TV shows. Play at the party table or make it a skating game!

Tactical Laser Tag

Is there anyone who grew up in the 90’s that doesn’t remember laser tag birthday parties? The flashing lights, the fast alliances, and the triumph of racking up the most points? Laser tag has changed a lot in the last two decades, but the spirit of competitive fun is still a surefire hit for any birthday celebration. Book a roller-skating birthday party with a tactical laser tag session after the cake, or skip the skating and just play war! If you’re going for the 90’s theme, make sure you wear dark t-shirts and athletic shorts with your favorite pair of Nike kicks.

Funcity Sk8 and Play is Houston’s go-to spot for birthday bashes. Call and book your party today.

photo from flickr