Set Phasers to “Laser”

Imagine creeping through a dark room with a pulsing, unearthly glow, searching for signs of life. You keep to the walls, ducking behind screens to protect yourself from laser fire. The enemy could be anywhere. A flash of movement catches your eye, and you duck behind a barrier and take aim. “Nice shot,” announces your vest as your little brother finally finds you, five seconds too late. You’re already disappearing into the flashing lights of the laser tag arena, looking for your next target.

Funcity Laser Tag

outdoor laser tag equipmentDoes the scenario above sound like an awesome way to spend Friday night? Funcity Sk8 and Play has indoor war games every Friday night. Skate and play for a special price at the door, or take a break from roller-skating with a few games of tactical laser tag. You can play solo, make an alliance, or separate into teams. Choose a general and plan a mode of attack or make it ‘every man for himself.’ If you don’t win the first round, pick a new strategy and play again.

Tactical Birthday Party

Do you like playing first person shooter video games? Is your favorite outdoor activity paintball? Do you love having nerf wars and water fights with your friends? It’s time to take the birthday battle to a whole new level: tactical laser tag. Tactical laser tag is about speed, skill, and sheer determination. Plan your birthday party for a Friday night and enjoy a few rounds of laser tag with your friends, or book a private party for a rink-wide laser tag battle your friends will never forget.

Whether you want to skate or you want to play, Funcity Sk8 is the best roller-skating and laser tag venue in Webster.