Safe Skating: Rules of the Road

practice safe skatingWhether you’re throwing a birthday party, living it up at a Funcity Lock-In, or just enjoying an afternoon of summer skating, there’s nothing better than zipping around the roller-skating floor. Funcity Sk8 and Play is the perfect place for cruising around the rink, trying out new tricks, or mastering the moves you learned at Summer Skate Camp. It’s easy to forget you’re not the only one having a blast at our Houston roller-skating center. Practice safe skating by following these 4 rules of roller-skating etiquette.

  1. Stick to your lane. Just like roads have rules, skating floors have unofficial “lanes” for skaters with different skill levels. The outside of the rink is designated for newer, slower skaters who might need the wall for support. The inside track is perfect for pro skaters who love to zip around the rink. Keep the center of the skating floor open for people trying moves that need more room for maneuvering.
  2. Listen to the DJ. The easiest way to injure another skater is to break the rules. If the DJ says to clear the floor for a skate race, skating game, or kids-only skate, staying on the floor could cause a pile up. Follow the rules of the rink for safe (and happy) skating.
  3. Pay attention. It’s easy to get caught up in the freedom of freewheeling, but you’re not the only skater out there. Protect yourself and others by staying aware of who’s skating near you.
  4. Know your skills. There’s no shame in being a novice skater, but unpracticed skaters who push themselves too fast become a risk to themselves and others. If you’re unsteady on your skates, practice at skating lessons, Summer Skate Camp, or on the outside lane of the skating floor. If you’re an ace skater, make sure you have plenty of room to show off your skills before letting loose.

Want to learn new skating skills? Call Funcity Sk8 and Play and ask about our beginner skate lessons, speed skating classes, jam skate classes, and Summer Skate Camp.