Roll Call!

When the teachers are away, the kids will skate! It’s hard to be cooped up in classes all day, even when you’re learning fun facts. At Funcity Sk8 and Play we like to celebrate the days of play in the school calendar. Make the most of Houston school holidays by helping your kids stay active and have a blast at our Webster school holiday skating sessions.

Teacher In-Service

funcity skate and arcadeWhen schools close their doors, ours are wide open. There’s no better place to enjoy a day away from textbooks and math tests than at Funcity Sk8 and Play. Not only do kids have a blast zipping around the rink and showing off their best skating moves, roller-skating is good for them, too! Skating is a highly effective, low impact workout recommended by health professionals and family fun lovers alike. Teach your kids about gravity, inertia, and the laws of motion, and let them test out their new knowledge with a day at Funcity with their friends. On Friday, October 3rd we have a full day of roller-skating for the Teacher In-Service School Holiday.

  • Pick from 3 skating sessions (11-4, 4-8, 7-11) or bundle them and skate all day!
  • Come before noon and get a free slice of pizza and 12oz drink
  • Kick off the first weekend of National Roller-Skating month!

National Roller-Skating Month

Did you know that October is National Roller-Skating month? Fitness experts, the family fun industry, and the RSA love to promote our favorite way for families to stay happy and healthy. Learn about the colorful history of our favorite family activity from our knowledgeable skating staff, or call Funcity Sk8 to book your own celebration of National Roller-Skating month.