Ready . . . Aim . . . Fun!

Do you love the rush of sneaking through an open field, weapon at the ready, to steal a token of victory from the enemy? What about the lure of testing your skills in one-on-one combat? See if you have what it takes to win with tactical laser tag and mobile war games at Funcity Sk8.

Friday Night Fighting

Want to let your kids get rid of excess energy without causing trouble? Friday nights at Funcity are full of safe, kid-approved fun! Gamers and adventurers alike dive headfirst into our tactical war games, which are filled with solitary and team-building scenarios to keep boys and girls engaged. Our gaming captain guides Houston kids through a series of Crossfire laser tag missions, from Capture the Flag and SWAT tasks to Team Death Match and Domination. What’s better? Funcity Sk8 has laser tag every Friday night! Simply add $2.50 onto the price of a normal skating session and your kids can skate, bounce, and shoot to their hearts’ content.

We have Friday Night Crossfire every Friday from 5-11pm. Participants must be 7 years or older. Group sessions available for advance booking.

Mobile Laser Tag

mobile laser tag in houstonWant to take the fight on the road? Mobile laser tag is an excellent option for kids’ birthday parties, corporate days, and school carnivals. Get the immersive experience of Crossfire laser tag without the hassle. When you book a mobile laser tag event, we bring the realistic weapons, harrowing scenarios, and Funcity fun to you! Add extra guns, players, and cover to create an even more realistic experience.

For more information on Friday Night fun, laser tag birthday parties, and mobile laser tag in Houston, call Funcity Sk8 and Play.