Laser Tag Lessons for New Players

laser tag war games - houstonDo you love the rush of first-person shooter games, the thrill of cutting edge equipment, and the battle strategy of capture the flag? Do you prefer to work up a sweat outside before gliding around the roller-skating floor? This summer laser tag at Funcity Sk8 and Play is better than ever. Dodge obstacles while playing war games in our outdoor arena, team up for Capture the Flag and Team Death Match, or go rogue on a one-man mission for laser tag dominance. The public laser tag games run every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

Laser Tag Tips for Beginners

If you’ve never played laser tag, getting invited to a group event or birthday party can be daunting. Instead of broadcasting your lack of skill (we hear some players can smell fear) learn the basics of how to play laser tag.

  • Pay attention to the instructions. We know it can be boring sometimes, but knowing how your laser tag equipment works could mean the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Decide if you’re a shooter or an evader. When faced with an unexpected enemy you have two choices: shoot or run. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward, but if you don’t think you can score a hit, it’s best to duck and cover.
  • Pick a position. If you’re team has the “free for all” mentality, new players often sit behind barriers, waiting for a golden opportunity that never comes. Throw yourself into the game by claiming a spot on the defense or offense.
  • Once you’ve mastered the basics of laser tag, it’s all a matter of strategy. Work with your team, develop a strategy, and don’t shoot an opponent until you’re sure you’ll score a hit. You don’t want to warn the enemy you’re coming.

Play indoor or outdoor tactical laser tag in Houston for just a $2.50 add-on with any skating session. Call Funcity Sk8 and Play for more information on party booking and group rates.