How to Wear Your Halloween Costume After the Holiday

If you and your family love dressing up for Halloween, you’re probably in panic mode right about now. Our favorite spooky holiday is just nine days away, and costume details like makeup, props, and themed roller-skates are high on the priority list. But what do you do with that killer costume on November 1st? If you’re especially proud of your costume this year, here are 3 ways to reuse your Halloween costume after October 31st.

  1. Halloween Costume Skating PartyBook a birthday party. If you love to dress up, chances are your friends do, too! Wrap up the Halloween season with a birthday party like no other! Costume parties at Funcity Sk8 are a fun, low-stress way to make a birthday memorable. Pick a theme like superheroes or book characters, or invite guests to get creative reimagining their Halloween costumes. Want to add a little something special to the festivities? Ask the birthday kid to award a special prize to the child with the best costume!
  2. Find a festival. If you love dressing up, it won’t be hard to find another family-friendly event to show off your costume. Check out Houston events like masquerades, renaissance festivals, and the Houston Comic Con for another excuse to don your costume again before next Halloween.
  3. Think about next year. Sure, October 31st, 2015 seems like a long way off. But hardcore Halloween fans know it’s never too early to start planning. As you put the finishing touches on your superhero gear, think about how to reuse the mask, accessories, or spandex for next year’s costume. Keep your eyes peeled at Funcity’s Halloween skate parties. You never know who’s costume could spark a hot idea for Halloween next year!

This Halloween Funcity Sk8 and Play is going all out. Check out our Superhero and Princess Party, Fright Night, and our end of October events for costume contests, prizes, and tricks and treats for Webster families!