Hail to the Chief!

School’s out on February 16th. You know what that means: roller-skating madness at Funcity Sk8 and Play! See if you can top your Valentine’s Day skate records at our 5 hour School’s Out Play Day. We’ll have roller-skating, Kidzpit jumping, pizza, soda, and more!

President’s Day Out of School Skate

out of school skateAre you ready to skate? School’s out for President’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be celebrating alone. Bring your family, friends, and favorite classmates skating at our all day holiday skating event. We’ll be here making memories from 11-4 on Monday, January 16th. Come before noon and get a free slice of pizza and drink! Then play the day away with roller-skating for all and Kidzpit adventures for children 48 inches and under.

About Out of School skating:

Fun Facts About President’s Day

  • The holiday is technically called “Washington’s Birthday”
  • Washington’s actual birthday is February 22nd
  • Lincoln’s birthday is February 12th
  • William Henry Harrison and Ronald Reagan were also born in February
  • President’s Day has been a holiday since 1885
  • It’s part of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, a federal decision from the 1960’s to give Americans more 3 day weekends
  • People love using cherries in dessert to celebrate Washington’s birthday. Why? We cannot tell a lie: it’s about that legend with the axe and the cherry tree

Celebrate Washington, Lincoln, and all your favorite presidents at the Funcity Out of School Skate on Monday, January 16th. Call Funcity Sk8 and Play for more details on Houston family fun.