Away From the Desk, Into the Fun

Education BlackboardArguably, the best times of the school year for the kids are the field trips they get to take that led them out into the world. Learning doesn’t have to be limited to just the classroom, there is much knowledge to be gained by taking a day away from sitting at their desks.

As ‘screen time’ increases, teaching children about physical fitness is important. To lead a healthy life as an adult they should be taught at a young age that fitness doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. At Funcity your students will learn that physical fitness can be fun and enjoyable while they get to experience skating around our rink. That’s not the only thing they will learn – their team work skills will be put to the test as they try out laser tag events.

The normal laser tag game of team A versus team B is always fun, but think outside of the box! Play a game of teachers versus students, make point goals so that the game brings in the challenge of math, or set up a version of leagues to keep the kids playing throughout the session.

Roller skating is not only a great way to teach kids about exercise and fitness, but it’s a unique opportunity learn about physics. Kinetic energy versus potential energy is easily illustrated out on the skating floor while the kids on are wheels.

Field trips are a great way to teach outside the classroom. We offer a number of different packages for these excursions, which include bringing up to 150 guests for a reasonable price. These packages come with 2 hours of skate time and skate rentals, as well as optional add-ons.

Img via by Mister GC