How to Make Skating Even More Fun!

It’s not a real party without a few skating games! Add some fun to your next birthday party, fundraiser, corporate outing, or camp day with a few classic roller-skating games at Funcity Sk8.

3 Great Skating Games

  1. stop lightRed Light/Green Light: How quickly can you stop your skates? Show off your freeze frame skills with a game of Red Light/Green Light on the skating floor. The DJ will announce when to stop, when to go, and who’s out each round. Everything else is up to you!
  2. Limbo: How low can you go? Roller-skate limbo has its ups and downs (trust us: skates make the game more fun!). Your wheels make sliding under the bar smooth sailing, but the extra inches provided by your skates make it harder than ever to stay balanced. Test out your flexibility, daring, and skill with everyone’s favorite party game!
  3. 4 Corners: Want to give the birthday kid a power trip? Put them in charge of their friends’ fates! In this classic kids game, areas of the rink are sectioned off and numbered. When the judge calls “go!”, the kids scatter into one of the numbered corners. With his or her eyes closed, the birthday kid will call a number, and everyone in that corner is eliminated. The fun doesn’t stop until there’s only one skater standing! Don’t worry if the birthday child wants to play, too. Our DJ is a pro at leading roller-skating party games.

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Traffic Light Image from FreeDigitalPhotos