A Summer of All-Star Skating

No matter what task you’re undertaking, the first step is always the hardest. When it comes to roller skating, that first step could help you soar . . . or land you flat on your rear. In the end, falling in love with roller-skating is all about how well you learn it.

Tips for Beginner Skaters

  • kids roller skatingPad up. You won’t want to keep skating if your first attempt leaves you battered and bruised. Master your wheels without causing serious injury by wearing comfortable skates, loose, comfortable clothing (that won’t snag on things while you learn to keep your balance), and whatever safety pads make you feel comfortable.
  • Find your balance. The most challenging lesson for beginner skaters isn’t gaining speed or transitioning into tricks, but learning balance. A few tips to get you started:

-You will fall. Learn to do it safely by practicing falling to your knees on the carpet.

-Don’t be afraid to hug the wall. You’ll move to the middle of the rink soon enough.

-When in doubt, crouch. The lower you skate, the lower your center of gravity (and the less likely you are to hit the floor).

  • Take a lesson. The best way to learn the roller-skating basics is to ask a professional. Sign up for Sunday afternoon skate lessons at Funcity and get 4 weeks of personalized tips as you master the basics side-by-side with other new skaters. We’ll teach you all the fundamentals, from safety techniques and balance to speed and skating games. Each lesson includes:

-4 skating lessons (Sundays from 12:15 to 1pm)

-A new pair of skates for every student

-Admission to our Sunday Matinee session (1-5:30pm; KidzPit extra)

Call Funcity Sk8 to learn more about mastering the basics, signing up for skate lessons, and attending our summer skate camps.

photo from flickr