RE-Open Schedule May 22 – June 7

Roller Skating Pricing, Sessions, & Rules

Admission: $10 (if you bring your skates)

                     $14 (if you need to rent skates)

                     Parent Spectators Free

                      Excludes All U Can Eat Pizza & Adult Night

Tuesdays           7pm- 9:30pm     ½ price Admission

Thursday           7pm- 9:30pm     ½ price Admission

Friday                7pm- 9:30pm  

Saturday           4pm- 6:30pm

7pm- 9:30pm   All U Can Eat Pizza

                             10pm– 1am   Adult night 21+

Sunday              2pm- 5pm

All goods and services are priced for cash payment. If purchasing at location with a credit card you will receive a small non-cash 4 % adjustment, which will be displayed on receipt.   You may purchase tickets on-line to by-pass the non-cash adjustment fee. (Click the Discount Ticket button above)

  • Please look at our Safe Skating Guidelines (Click the Button at the top) before coming to Funcity.
  • We will have limited sessions for the next few weeks and will add more soon.
  • All arcade games will be closed for the time being.
  • Employees will be wearing masks and sanitizing surfaces before, during, & after sessions.
  • Our skates will be disinfected each time before handed to the customer. We encourage customers to bring their own if able too.

We have private party times available now & will have session Birthday Party times available starting Friday June 8, 2020