Regular School Schedule

Roller Skating Pricing, Sessions, & Rules

Admission:  $10 (if you bring your skates)

                      $14 (if you need to rent skates)

                       $5 add a 2nd session same day

     Parent Spectators Free (Excludes All U Can Eat Pizza & Adult Night)

All goods and services are priced for cash payment.  If purchasing at location with a credit card you will receive a small non-cash 4% adjustment displayed on receipt. (Purchase tickets on-line to by-pass the non-cash adjustment fee.)

Session Times

Tuesdays           6pm- 9pm     ½ price Admission

Thursday           6pm- 9pm     ½ price Admission

Friday                6pm- 10pm     

Saturday           2pm- 6pm

6:30pm- 9pm   All U Can Eat Pizza

9:30pm– 1am    Adult night 21+

Sunday              2pm- 5pm

Please look at our (Safe Skating Guidelines) before coming to Funcity.

  1. Employees will be sanitizing surfaces before, during, & after sessions.
  2. Our staff will wear face coverings in concession and counter areas.
  3. Our skates will be disinfected each time before handed to the patrons.  We encourage customers to bring their own if able too.
  4. We have installed hand sanitizers in multiple areas for your convenience.
  5. We ask that patrons wear a face covering when in lines at box office, snackbar, skate counter, & bar service.  Face coverings are optional while roller skating, eating, and with family members.