Regular School Schedule

Roller Skating Pricing, Sessions, & Rules

Admission:  $10 (if you bring your skates)

                      $14 (if you need to rent skates)

                       $5 add a 2nd session same day

     Parent Spectators Free (Excludes All U Can Eat Pizza & Adult Night)

All goods and services are priced for cash payment.  If purchasing at location with a credit card you will receive a small non-cash 4% adjustment displayed on receipt. (Purchase tickets on-line to by-pass the non-cash adjustment fee.)

Session Times

Tuesdays           6pm- 9pm     ½ price Admission

Thursday           6pm- 9pm     ½ price Admission

Friday                6pm- 10pm     

Saturday           2pm- 6pm

6:30pm- 9pm   All U Can Eat Pizza

9:30pm– 1am    Adult night 21+

Sunday              2pm- 5pm

Please look at our (Safe Skating Guidelines) before coming to Funcity.