Funcitysk8 “So you think you can dance” Competition

How would you like to win some CASH !

Funcity will be having a Dance Competition, if you can Dance this is a MUST, see below for the Details.

  1. Record your (or have someone) record you Dancing
  2. One video per person or group submitted
  3. The person who submits the video on Facebook will be the person contacted.
  4. Videos will be first in first out so you would want to get your video in ASAP
  5. Videos MUST be put on the correct Facebook Event page when created (will will send out a facebook notification when it is created).
  6. All videos entered can and will be used for promotional purposes.
  7. Video may not have cuss words or be deemed inappropriate or the video will be removed from the page and not entered.
  8. Video must be entered by October 21st
  9. The 5 videos with the most “likes” on Facebook will be nominated for the final contest.
  10. The final Dance off will be November 4th at Funcity, where we will bring in Judges.
  11. One winner will be chosen.
  12. The winner or winners will be give a CASH prize!
  13. This is a Dance only competition, you may use an instrument but you will be judged on you or your groups dancing skills!

Send your Video’s in NOW!!

Click below to go to the Facebook Event page for this and see what everyone is saying, check back often as we will post the videos there foe the event!